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We hope you are all doing well during this trying time for our country. It has really been quite unbelievable hasn't it? All of us here at SIP have been trying to make sense of this and really thinking about what we can do to help. We weren't planning to do a blog post until Easter but decided a blog post would be good to help some of you prepare or deal with what is happening, and help keep the kiddos entertained during the break as well. Our schools here in Utah have been closed for at least two weeks.

I just wanted to show you a few things I have come up with to help make the next couple weeks a little easier and fun. It's all about routine in our house so if I can have a plan, we will all be much happier!! ☺️

Kid's Craft During Quarantine

My kids are all about crafts as I'm sure yours are too. I made it a goal to keep this unexpected time as inexpensive as possible.

I went to the Dollar Store and made my girls this craft tote.

All new art supplies; canvas, construction paper, pipe cleaners, stickers, paint, etc. And I also got a few learning books they have for my kid's ages. This whole tote cost under $15 total and will make for lots of creativity! Even though we already have most of these items, something about it being new really excites my kids and having their own little tote makes for no fighting over who gets what color! 

I also saw this cute "bowling" idea with just using cups and a ball. Which I'm sure most of you already have. You can play with neighbors, play it outside, etc. Great idea for toddlers!

Germ Soap Experiment

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the videos of the germ experiment using water, pepper, and soap. I wanted to show my girls why we are so adamant about hand washing several times a day and always when coming inside the house. Especially now!

All you need to do is fill a bowl with a little water, and put pepper in it. Then have your child put their unwashed finger in the pepper water. Let them see all the "germs" (pepper) on their finger. Then dip their finger in the soap and do it again in the water. They will see all the pepper float away from their finger. The soap reflects the germs and this is a great visual activity so they can really understand what hand washing does. My girls thought this was so cool!

Our COVID-19 Daily Schedule For Kids

To wrap some ideas up, here is a daily schedule example that we will be using in our home. The reality that it will actually go as planned is slim, but one can hope! Haha. And also, a list of free online learning websites. My girls love to do learning apps or sites, so we will definitely be looking into all of these and letting them stay in the school mode as much as we can.

Finally, we really wanted to express to all of you that our thoughts and prayers go to everyone. This can be scary for kids and even us as parents. But if we can all focus on the positive and see the good in this situation, things will improve much quicker. We have strangers helping strangers, buying necessities for elderly, or those less fortunate. That is what we all need to do. 

That being said, we wanted to offer a different kind of giveaway for this blog. We want to help some of those in need. Whether it's yourself, or a family member or friend, we want to give back a couple of gift cards to stores for some family necessities. We will be giving away gift cards for Visa and Venmo! We know our giveaways are normally for our store, but there are families who need this more and that's what we're going to do!

TO ENTER: Comment on this blog post if you or someone you know could use a little help. No need to specify a name, we will reach out to you if you are a chosen winner and get the details. But let us know what some struggles are and some necessities or items you or a friend are having a hard time finding during this time. We wish we could help all those who enter, but we will do as much as we can for those who really could use some help. Let's all work to make the world a better place! Winners will be carefully chosen and notified in a few days.

Thank you! 💗


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  • Jessie Cozzens


    I work for a domestic violence & sexual assault shelter in a low income rural community. We have a full house of women and children but due to community hoarding are struggling to find necessary Hygiene and Sanitizing materials to keep our families clean and safe. They don’t have an option to be in a secluded home safe, but instead have to live in a communal setting. Anything to assist our families would be a huge help!

  • Jessie Cozzens


    We are struggling here to find formula, diapers, baby wipes. We have to travel to many grocery stores to get enough groceries for just a few days at a time now that jobs and schools are closing.

  • Jessie Cozzens

    White Family

    This is Awesome! If possible me and my family could use wipes sanitizer soap in South Carolina ! It has been a STRUGGLE here

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Diapers wipes toilet paper baby formula have been the main struggle to get around here.. people have been buying up the formula to use as milk and 5 stores I went to had not one can left on the shelf. We are struggling to even get the needed necessities for this time. They closed all resturaunts around here also so I’m out of a job for the time being .its going to be a struggle with 3 young children to try and provide for.

  • Jessie Cozzens


    It’s been difficult finding breakfast items in the town that I live in such as eggs and milk. Luckily we’ve got plenty of potatoes so we’ve incorporated those in our every day breakfast but necessities such as toilet paper, cases of water, Lysol, and wipes have been scares too with everyone in a panic we choose our time wisely when it comes to shopping because of the crazy lines we have to wait in. We’re just hoping in this time that work continues because bills don’t stop nor does feeding our children❤️

  • Jessie Cozzens


    I know a young single Mom of 2 who is very scared how she is going to maintain her household for her kids. She is doing her best but struggling to make ends meat on a good day, let alone with all this we have going on now. She needs diapers, wipes, formula and food mostly. She would be appreciative of any help I am sure. Bless you for always being supportive of your clients!! Will always shop SIP!!!

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Mirian Santiago

    My mom could use the help in this times it’s hard she is an Uber eats driver. She has my siblings and my nephew living with her and she has not been able to find the normal necessities toilet paper, rice, beans, meat, bread, milk, disinfectant etc. as much as I’m trying to help I have a family of 5 to feed and care for

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Kelly Gray

    Diapers,wipers, bread, meat,canned goods. Bills in general now that my work is closing

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Hello I have been struggling for months now before this! And now it’s worse. Just recently took on both kids full time (a blessing in itself) their dad got into bad drugs. I though don’t make enough to support a family, pay bills and do the daily things we need. I work a full time 6 day a week job. But with no child support , paying health insurance and needing daycare all those days it’s rather expensive. And now my oldest isn’t in school to receive free breakfast and lunch. We are struggling. We need groceries and diapers and wipes more then anything but I can’t afford that. It was accounted today we may be laid off for a little bit which means no monthly bonus for me and that’s basically how I pay for everything. I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old!!! HELP

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Being a stay at home mom and the 1 income you do have is getting barely any work due to this has put a lot of struggle on us . Also have a newborn only 3 weeks old so trien to get the supplies we need for her and a 4 year old has been tough . The grocery stores has been wiped out so foods are limited. I appreciate y’all giving and looking out for your customers this is a big blessing .

  • Jessie Cozzens


    It has been really a struggle just finding food! The shelves are empty and have to go into different stores to find what I need!

  • Jessie Cozzens


    It has been really a struggle just finding food! The shelves are empty and have to go into different stores to find what I need!

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Kimberly Fowler

    Know of a family of 5 who are struggling. Father out of work due to accident.

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Hand sanitizer, Lysol, masks. Our daughter has cancer and we live off of ssi and bought what we could each month but now stores are cleared of these items

  • Jessie Cozzens


    This is sweet! I know someone who could use this!! For toiletries, an food while kids are out!

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Wipes and diapers have been a struggle here in miami as well as bread, eggs, and meats 😬

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  • Karla :

    This is awesome. :)

  • Karla :

    What a great thing to help others in need!

  • Karla :

    Love this