About Us

Sparkle In Pink is a family owned business located in Bluffdale, Utah. Our mission is to provide the most adorable clothing and accessories, at the most affordable prices! Adorable Made Affordable! No longer do parents need to break the bank shopping for cute childrens' clothing.

Adorable Made Affordable

How do we get such adorable clothing you might ask? We have a small team of professional designers who are constantly looking for the latest trends and designing with you, the customer in mind. We want our clothing to be something our customers will love, and that every kid will want to wear again and again!

Now, how is it that our prices are so low? A common misconception is that it must mean we offer poor quality products, but no! We only have a slight mark up on top of the production cost on all of our products so that we can continue to grow Sparkle In Pink, but our main priority is to keep costs low for our customers. That, is our promise, to always offer the best prices around!

Our Story

How It Started, 2011

Quynn Larsen founded Sparkle In Pink in 2011. At 19 years old, Quynn had her first baby girl, Halli, who was the inspiration in starting SIP. Quynn shopped all over for the cutest clothing and accessories to dress her daughter, but everything was overpriced and never found what she was looking for. Being a young college student money was tight, so she started making her own accessories and clothes to dress her daughter. She was often asked where she got these cute clothes from, so she decided to open her own store and find a manufacturer that could produce her designs, allowing her sell them at a affordable prices.

How It Grew

Quynn started seeing early success, and brought on her mother, Diane, to help her in running the business. Diane was able to build a world class fulfillment team, which provided customers with an amazing shopping experience. Word quickly spread of Sparkle In Pink, moms everywhere were obsessing over the clothes they were finding at such great prices, and the rest is history! Sparkle In Pink is now the top rated, and largest online children's boutique in the USA!

Our Promise To You

You will always receive amazing service throughout every step of the shopping process and we will always carry the lowest prices and the trendiest products around. You will never have to search all over for cute boutique clothing and accessories or spend a ridiculous amount of money on them ever again.

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Cute Clothes, Lowest Prices
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High Quality, Unique Designs
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#1 Rated Boutique in the USA