Kids Sunglasses

Fashionable Kid's Sunglasses

Only cool kids wear sunglasses like these. Our kid's sunglasses collection are built for durability, value, and style, so no matter how active your kid is, they'll still look as cool as ever in a pair of Sparkle In Pink kid's shades. Keep those peepers safe with fun colors, patterns, and shapes - like our heart eye sunglasses, for all those romantic little outdoor-lovers. Or, for those fashionistas, our cat-eye kid's sunglasses are designed to look just like mom's. Keep her in fashion with a classic pair of round kid's glasses in a huge variety of colors! There's something for everyone! And because they come in so many colors and styles, our kid's sunnies can be paired with any outfit and still look like she just walked off the cover of kid's Vogue. Try pairing our sunglasses with a cute kid's dress to dress up, or pair them with a swimsuit for the classic beach look!

Mom and Me Sunglasses

Matching sunglasses are perfect for making a mini-me stand out! Find glasses to match your girl and create the ultimate summer outfit! Our mom and me heart eyes sunglasses are a real winner, and it'll give you all the heart eye emoji vibes!

Adorable and Affordable!

At Sparkle In Pink, we think that adorable shouldn't be expensive. Our affordable kid's sunglasses and clothes are always adorable, and always in fashion. So for parents of any budget, we have the kid's fashion solution here. Shop the collection online today!