Kids Socks and Leggings

Warm, Cozy Kids Socks

Keep those tiny toes warm and cozy with a pair of cute kids socks! Perfect for slipping and sliding - Tom Cruise in Risky Business style. Our signature sock collection comes in a huge range of colors, styles, and designs! From classic bright stripe kid's socks to cute socks with cats on them, you can transform her look with a pair of fashionable kids socks. Our favorites are the unicorn socks, complete with horn - just so everyone knows that she's a unicorn girl! Pair these cute socks with a kids suspender skirt set for the ultimate in cute kids fashion, or dress it down with a pair of comfy rain boots! If you love foxes, cactuses, stripes, rainbows and we have them available on our website! Whether you need a pop of color or want something different to have a fun pair of socks we have your back. We hope these designs knock your socks off and have them be the perfect addition to your outfit. 

Affordable Kids Socks

Cute, fun, and always affordable, the Sparkle In Pink kid's sock collection is great for any family on a budget! Get affordable children's socks that look adorable, and are always in fashion, because at Sparkle In Pink, we know that cuteness shouldn't break the bank. We stay up to date with trends so you can find the right pair of socks for you. Shop the whole footwear and sock collection today for great deals on kids clothing and accessories.