16 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Kids

Susan Staupe| 07 Sep, 2022

16 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Kids

Do you need ideas for your child’s Halloween costume? Then you’re in the right place! From spooky witches to cuddly animals, we have the most adorable costumes for kids that are affordable, unique, and absolutely charming.

Girls Dalmatian Costume Set

1. Dalmatian Costume Set

Watch your kiddo wag her tail and bounce around in this adorable dalmatian costume set, which has everything you need for a successful Halloween. The entire set includes a headband with floppy doggy ears, a dreamy, spotted tutu, and a matching tail with bright red bows!

Each piece has a spotted dalmatian print to make her feel like she’s inside a Disney movie, and the cozy leggings will keep her warm during chilly autumn weather.  

Mom & Me 80’s Workout Costume

2. Mom & Me 80’s Workout Costume

Get ready to jazzercise with this matching 80’s workout costume, which comes as a complete set. A funky striped leotard matches the blazing neon leggings that are equally soft and sassy. Complete the 80s vibe with a long-sleeved pink top and neon green leggings, wristbands, and headbands. 

Mom & Me Witch Costume For Kids

3. Mom & Me Witch Costume

Stir some potions and cast some spells in this adorable matching witch costume set for moms and kids. This complete set includes a matching dress, cape, and hat, so you can become the bubbly witch you’ve always dreamed of being.

The long-sleeved black and purple dress is playfully embellished with multicolored polka dots. Top it off with the purple hat and a spooky, sheer cape featuring a spider web print.

The pull-over style makes for easy costume changes and comes in multiple adult and kid sizes. Jazz it up even more with our DIY broom and sparkly shoe tutorial.

Kids Rainbow Butterfly Costume

4. Rainbow Butterfly Costume

Your daughter will want to wear this vivid rainbow butterfly costume for years to come! The rainbow dress has a fitted bodice and a fluttery skirt for her to twirl in endlessly. The set also includes dreamy butterfly wings that attach at the shoulders and have elastic wrist holds so she can flap her wings in style. 

She’ll love the matching butterfly headband, complete with two twirly antennas. Complete the look with some shimmery metallic boots so she can gleefully prance around the yard.

Kids Woodland Deer Costume

5. Woodland Deer Costume

Does your daughter have a gentle personality? Then this Woodland Deer Costume was meant for her. This sweet, graceful costume is completely unique with a fuzzy spotted deer vest and a delicate white and gold tutu. 

Keep her cozy with some matching deer faux fur leg warmers and add a touch of elegance with a deer floral antler headband.

Kids Alien Costume

6. Alien Costume

This feminine alien costume is perfect for the starry-eyed outer space lover. Your daughter can easily slip on the pullover shirt and skirt that come in shiny, metallic silver, along with matching gloves! Top it off with the bouncy antenna headband and add some extra Sci-Fi flair with this alien makeup and hair tutorial.

Kids Snow Leopard Costume

7. Snow Leopard Costume

Your kiddo will feel like a magical snow princess in this precious snow leopard costume. The leopard spots are styled with fuzzy faux fur around the hem and cuffs to make her feel extra cuddly and cute. The furry headpiece and matching leg warmers will keep her so cozy that she’ll want to wear the entire outfit all season long!

Mom & Me Cheetah Costume

8. Mom & Me Cheetah Costume

Live on the wild side with this matching cheetah costume for moms and daughters. The soft, long-sleeved top has a feisty leopard print and cat ear headband to match. You’ll love the ease of putting on the knee-length black tutu, along with the swishy leopard tail. 

Kids Pirate Costume Set

9. Pirate Costume Set

This colorful pirate costume set will have your daughter declaring “Shiver me timbers!” as she claims her bounty of candy on Halloween night. This twinkly costume has a puff-sleeved dress and a tutu-style skirt that’s both sparkly and roomy. 

The pirate hat is trimmed with delicate black lace for an extra touch of charm. Add some buccaneer flair with a pair of cozy skull tights.

Kids Llama Costume

10. Llama Costume

Your daughter will feel like a floating cloud in this fluffy llama costume, perfect for a brisk Halloween night. She’ll love the cuddly sweater dress that comes with an adorable llama-eared hood for extra warmth. Included are a rainbow-style scarf and matching socks, both decorated with playful, fuzzy pom-poms.

Girls Tiger Tutu Costume

11. Tiger Tutu Costume

Unleash the eye of the tiger in this ferocious tiger tutu costume. Your kiddo will feel like a mighty jungle cat in the black and orange striped tank that has a faux-fur hood attached. She’ll love the feminine look of the sparkly tutu, along with matching leg warmers, tiger ears, and tail. 

Girl Mermaid Costume For Kids

12. Mermaid Costume

If your daughter has a mermaid obsession, we’re here to support it with this stunning mermaid costume. From the shimmery tail to the dreamy clamshell wings, she’ll sparkle and shine like a pearl in the ocean. This set comes with a matching pink and blue clamshell wand and crown for a sprinkle of magical royalty.

Girls Butterfly Princess Costume

14. Butterfly Princess Costume

This sweet butterfly princess costume is absolutely mesmerizing and can be enjoyed all year long. This endearing dress is patterned with soft, pastel rainbow colors and butterfly details, along with puffy sleeves. This unique costume is also perfect for other special parties and festive occasions.

Kids Panda Bear Costume

15. Panda Bear Costume

You and your kiddo will burst with joy at the sight of this adorable panda bear costume. The plush zip-up jacket comes with furry leg warmers to keep her cozy all season long. The fuzzy matching skirt makes this an effortless costume to slip on and can be worn with leggings for extra warmth. Just a head’s up—this costume may make your child demand extra cuddles!

Girls Peacock Costume

16. Peacock Costume

Show off your child’s power, strength, and confidence in this captivating peacock costume. The tutu dress has peacock feathers and comes with patterned peacock wings for her to soar in. Plus, the bold, rich colors will easily make her stand out from the crowd.

Find Unique Costumes for Kids at Sparkle in Pink

From twirly dresses to ferocious animals, we have the perfect costume to suit your child’s unique personality and style. Find more affordable kid costumes and outfits by shopping our Halloween costumes today!

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  • Susan Staupe

    Shalia Willis

    It’s hard to pick just 1. But I think we are going with the leopard! Thanks SIP!!!

  • Susan Staupe

    Shalia Willis

    It’s hard to pick just 1. But I think we are going with the leopard! Thanks SIP!!!

  • Susan Staupe

    Krystle Self

    I love all the these costumes!

  • Susan Staupe


    Love the mom and me costumes, have gotten them the last couple years, and will again!

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    The panda costume 😍

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    Love these. Can’t wait to try for next year.

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    Mandy Goins

    Love the costumes

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    Love these💘

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    Love them all

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    Love the 80’s mom and me! How iconic!!

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    Absolutely live the mom & me witches!!!! That’s adorable 🥰

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    Love all of these! ❤️

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    Omg I wish I saw this before!! My daughter could have been a cute Dalmatian with my son who was a ff! Love these!

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    Andrea Kersey

    Love them all, but especially the 80s work out costume !

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    Super cute

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    Ashley Pitts

    Convenient and creative

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    So cute. All adorable. So hard to choose a favorite.

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    So cute!

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    Love the costumes!!

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