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Quynn Larsen| 11 Oct, 2021

We are so excited to launch our custom exclusive Alien Costume! 👽 You can find all the great costumes from Sparkle In Pink here!

We had so much fun doing the makeup for this Alien Costume, that we thought it would be fun to share with our amazing customers and give you some ideas!  😊 We broke it down so it's pretty simple and easy to recreate!


Makeup For Kids Alien Costume:

Items you will need: 

1. Glitter for the eyelids, we used the colourpop makeup pallet

2. Face/body glue we got off amazon

3. Star glitter for the side of the face we got off amazon

4. Glitter Stick on stars rhinestones from Michaels

5.  Glitter hair spray we got at Ulta, but many places carry it.

6. Mascara

7. Shimmer Holographic lip gloss

Alien Makeup Tutorial:

 1. We started by putting glitter on the eyes from the ColourPop pallet, using the "hungry ghost" glitter shade. After all her eyeshadow was on, we then applied a light coat of mascara to her eyelashes.


    2. We then used the face/body glue from Amazon and put it on the sides of the eyes.

    3. After the glue was applied, we then added the loose silver glitter while the glue was still wet/tacky to help it stick best. The next step was to apply the silver rhinestones to her forehead. These stars come with adhesive already on them, which made it quick and easy to apply!

     4. For the final touch we added glitter to her hair part and sprayed glitter in her hair!

    5. Here is also a close up of her hairstyle that we did. We did half up loose braids with loose curls. We loved this hair style paired with the alien headband. It was perfect!

    We hope this alien makeup & hair tutorial helped! Leave a comment with your favorite tip, or if you have any questions we are happy to help! :)

    Love, Sparkle In Pink 💕


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    • Quynn Larsen


      Hi what is the brand of color palette? Is it from amazon?

    • Quynn Larsen


      So cute! Love the hair!

    • Quynn Larsen



    • Quynn Larsen

      Savannah Nitzsche

      I can’t wait to try some of these on my toddler!

    • Quynn Larsen


      I love the glitter!

    • Quynn Larsen


      Love the glitter ✨

    • Quynn Larsen

      Brenda Rodriguez

      Me encanto

    • Quynn Larsen

      April Delgado

      Too cute

    • Quynn Larsen

      Melissa Mcglothlin


    • Quynn Larsen



    • Quynn Larsen


      So cute! Love the glitter!

    • Quynn Larsen

      Amanda Dove

      So cute!

    • Quynn Larsen


      My favorite tip is putting the glitter where her hair is parted. That is a game changer for sure!!

    • Quynn Larsen

      Michele Reich Grim

      This is adorable..

    • Quynn Larsen

      Nina M Carrelli


    • Quynn Larsen


      So adorable!

    • Quynn Larsen


      Love the hair. So cute!!

    • Quynn Larsen


      This is so fun and cute!

    • Quynn Larsen


      So cute!

    • Quynn Larsen


      Love the tutorial. Easy to follow.

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