Halloween Traditions! 🎃

Angelica Acuna| 24 Oct, 2019

Hey SIP fam,

Let’s talk traditions.

Our little SIP models every year have done something together with pumpkins around Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving... or not?

I mean that’s obvious but try carving pumpkins when when you have five kids under the age of seven. Now just imagine, all these kids so excited to have a cool cutout on their own pumpkin. You as a mom, pumped because traditions, right? You cut open that top and tell the kids to clean them out. Now, they are still pumped, and they stick their cute little hands in and instead of being all happy they start screaming and crying because it’s disgusting. You now realize you just got stuck cleaning 5 pumpkins. Ok ok, so all cleaned and now for the best part. These cool carve out papers you stick on the pumpkin, tape them on, and hand the carving tools to your excited kiddos to find out you are terrified of them possibly cutting themselves. What did I just do? Gave my momma friend and I a ton of work, that’s what I did. What were we thinking? Two hours later, they got that picture with my, I mean their carved pumpkin.

Oh but hey, I have a better idea! Let’s decorate pumpkins. How? I mean you could just use paint on them, but kids “finish” in five minutes. And it usually results in a painted brown pumpkin because they decided to mix all the colors. Catch my jam? So what we have loved for the second year in a row, is hitting up our local dollar store.

Of course we have to have all the kids in our cute matching family Jack O Lantern hoodies. We got some paint and let each kid pick out a few items of their choice, and let the kids use their imagination. They all do something different and it’s so fun to see what they decide to do. They definitely are older now and could carve, but they get excited to decorate these pumpkins like this because it’s different. A little unicorn, a spider, it’s just so fun and cute!

3 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

Ok so after pumpkin decorating you need some fuel. So why not some easy and delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Oh and did I mention they were easy? THREE INGREDIENTS BABY, yup just three!



  • Spice cake mix 15oz box
  • Pumpkin Puree 15oz can
  • 16 Oz bag Chocolate chips (semi-sweet) but I used milk chocolate because it’s my preference
  • (Optional) Cream cheese frosting

You can find all the directions on SugarHero.com

And just look how deliciously well-received they were!


    I don’t know about you, but I never wait for my cookies to cool. I go straight to 10 and burn my mouth every time, and never regret it HAHA. Ok so after the treat comes the cleanup. If you laid a plastic table cloth, or in my case garbage bags, just scoop it up and throw it away. Less than 10 minutes to clean up, SCORE!

    So just to show you our Halloween traditions we usually have some pumpkin shaped bread bowls that my local bakery makes, with some yummy homemade chili beans.

     It honestly is the the commence of all the holiday traditions we do together with the SIP models. Bring on the holidays!


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    • Angelica Acuna

      Tara Newhouse

      Wow! Love the pumpkins. However I absolutely LOVE the roll idea with the chili. Soooooo CUTE! Thanks so much for the inspiration;) Happy Halloween!

    • Angelica Acuna

      Bailey Compt

      Love the pumpkin decorating! My kids would have a blast doing this. I love DIY blogs and recipe blogs! Always looking for new things to try.

    • Angelica Acuna


      So cute 🎃

    • Angelica Acuna

      Jennifer Cook

      I would love to see cute hair styles. I am always looking for something for my daughter.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Jennifer Cook

      I would love to see cute hair styles. I am always looking for something for my daughter.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Victoria Shed

      I love all the clothes would love to see more boys outfits like how you have sister and BFF outfits. I love reading the food posts and thanksgiving is. Coming up lol food food food!

    • Angelica Acuna

      Tawnee Garrick

      I would love to see on the blogs. More how to DIY for the holidays. And it would be fun to see you all get some new faces for models. I love Reading your blogs we have tried out some of the recipes that you have shared.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Destiny acuff

      Loved this blog! I really enjoy blogs about crafts. Arts and crafts are big in my house!

    • Angelica Acuna

      Heather Feather

      I love the recipe blog .I also like the craft ones as I am a teacher and love see different crafts from others to get ideas from😃

    • Angelica Acuna

      Stephanie warren

      I would love to see more crafts to do for the holidays also. I loved the tutorials on making the witch shoes and broom and a Thanksgiving and Christmas craft would be awesome

    • Angelica Acuna

      Tsinnia Cajero

      I love the recipe sharing!!! And I would love to see more long sleeves with multiple designs for the cold season or plain color tees with cute sayings lol

    • Angelica Acuna

      kristina Kasper

      I loved hearing about your halloween tradition and the simple recipe.
      I would like you to keep posting blogs similar to this, with activity ideas and recipes.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Lindsey Fillmore

      I love how they all put their own twist on their pumpkins! My daughter loves to help me bake, so maybe some easy/kid friendly holiday baking ideas next blog!!

    • Angelica Acuna

      Marissa B

      I love sparkle in pink! And I would love to see more blogs about how you juggle being a wonderful mom and being a business woman. I ask this because, I myself with a successful photography business would love some tips on this! I have a 3 year old and would like some extra advice on how you do it with your princess.

      My princess would love an outfit and boots 😍

    • Angelica Acuna

      Shanna Davis

      I love all of the holiday crafts that are posted on the blog! Halloween is my favorite holiday and what a cute way to do pumpkins without the mess of the insides. I would love to see more kid friendly recipes that they can make in the blog!

    • Angelica Acuna

      Brandi Luczak

      I’d like to see more mix and match options. I’m terrible with putting outfits together.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Cheyenne Warrick

      Awe this was cute and enjoyable to read! It’s always fun to read about all the different traditions. I’d like to see more about diy stuff to do during the holiday and or rainy or snowed in days.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Alissa Obermueller

      Would love to see seasonal crafts for kids do do.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Kayla chambers

      My daughter hates carving pumpkins so we always paint and decorate as well.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Kayla chambers

      My daughter hates carving pumpkins so we always paint and decorate as well.

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