Halloween Traditions! 🎃

Angelica Acuna| 24 Oct, 2019

Hey SIP fam,

Let’s talk traditions.

Our little SIP models every year have done something together with pumpkins around Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving... or not?

I mean that’s obvious but try carving pumpkins when when you have five kids under the age of seven. Now just imagine, all these kids so excited to have a cool cutout on their own pumpkin. You as a mom, pumped because traditions, right? You cut open that top and tell the kids to clean them out. Now, they are still pumped, and they stick their cute little hands in and instead of being all happy they start screaming and crying because it’s disgusting. You now realize you just got stuck cleaning 5 pumpkins. Ok ok, so all cleaned and now for the best part. These cool carve out papers you stick on the pumpkin, tape them on, and hand the carving tools to your excited kiddos to find out you are terrified of them possibly cutting themselves. What did I just do? Gave my momma friend and I a ton of work, that’s what I did. What were we thinking? Two hours later, they got that picture with my, I mean their carved pumpkin.

Oh but hey, I have a better idea! Let’s decorate pumpkins. How? I mean you could just use paint on them, but kids “finish” in five minutes. And it usually results in a painted brown pumpkin because they decided to mix all the colors. Catch my jam? So what we have loved for the second year in a row, is hitting up our local dollar store.

Of course we have to have all the kids in our cute matching family Jack O Lantern hoodies. We got some paint and let each kid pick out a few items of their choice, and let the kids use their imagination. They all do something different and it’s so fun to see what they decide to do. They definitely are older now and could carve, but they get excited to decorate these pumpkins like this because it’s different. A little unicorn, a spider, it’s just so fun and cute!

3 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

Ok so after pumpkin decorating you need some fuel. So why not some easy and delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Oh and did I mention they were easy? THREE INGREDIENTS BABY, yup just three!



  • Spice cake mix 15oz box
  • Pumpkin Puree 15oz can
  • 16 Oz bag Chocolate chips (semi-sweet) but I used milk chocolate because it’s my preference
  • (Optional) Cream cheese frosting

You can find all the directions on SugarHero.com

And just look how deliciously well-received they were!


    I don’t know about you, but I never wait for my cookies to cool. I go straight to 10 and burn my mouth every time, and never regret it HAHA. Ok so after the treat comes the cleanup. If you laid a plastic table cloth, or in my case garbage bags, just scoop it up and throw it away. Less than 10 minutes to clean up, SCORE!

    So just to show you our Halloween traditions we usually have some pumpkin shaped bread bowls that my local bakery makes, with some yummy homemade chili beans.

     It honestly is the the commence of all the holiday traditions we do together with the SIP models. Bring on the holidays!


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    • Angelica Acuna

      Kendall Basore

      Love your site! Seriously, the cutest clothes! I’d love to see family photo clothing ideas or more coordinating styles for twins/siblings

    • Angelica Acuna

      Brittni Riggs

      I’d like to see Christmas crafts considering I’ll be having a little one at Christmas🎅⛄🎄🦌

    • Angelica Acuna

      Stacey Springall

      I would love to see more family craft ideas. Also love the cookie recipe. More recipes would also be great!

    • Angelica Acuna

      LaTasha faupel

      Can’t wait to try this cookie recipe!! My kids love baking and creating. I would love to see more way‘s to mix and match some of the outfits.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Terry Tammy Ellifritz

      A November blog addressing picking a outfit that will look great in your Christmas photo shoot back ground. Love your blogs always! The cookie recipe is beyond awesome.🎃😊

    • Angelica Acuna

      Samantha Richards

      Those pumpkins are so cute! I’d love to see more crafts, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas theme! Love everything Christmas!

    • Angelica Acuna

      Crystal Grammer

      Thanks for the chance to win .. id love to see more craft ideas on the blog

    • Angelica Acuna

      Sara Powell

      I entered would be cool to win please. Thanks for the chance to win. Love your cute clothes on Sparkle in Pink.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Sarah Huts

      Keep seeing the 3 ingredient cookie recipe everywhere! I’m going to have to try it. I would like to see some hair styles for younger girls with thin/short hair. And Thanksgiving things because it seems everyone skips from Halloween to Christmas!

    • Angelica Acuna

      Tara Heders

      Love your pumkins! We have been doing this for years! Our local campground also does this for decorating pumkins. Less mess!

      I’d love to see thanksgiving crafts in the next post or even better ELF on the SHELF ideas! And if you will be having elf
      On the shelf matching SIP outfits. Sounds silly but my LITTLE would love matching outfits with her elf!

    • Angelica Acuna

      Stephanie warren

      I love the pumpkin ideas I have 4 kids and with the three younger ones we always end up doing the carving for them so I think the decorating idea is awesome. I would love to see some pie recipes for Thanksgiving time and I really love seeing the activity ideas I would also like tho see some outfit and hairstyle suggestions to do for pictures like Christmas Santa picture ideas.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Andrea James Mishra

      I think it would be really cool to do more look books only mixing and matching items from completely different sets for more variety… it’s a win win— we the customer have to buy more than one outfit to make the look and you sell more merchandise AND we parents get even more ideas and options to mix and match Our kids’ closet full of SIP Gear.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Danielle shears

      I love the pumpkin idea. We would like to see more flare end pants I have a flower child! But really all your stuff is cute! And or more boy outfits

    • Angelica Acuna

      Melanie Kamenik

      I love the pumpkin idea! We have 3 kids 6 and under and this year they wanted to carve pumpkins. Same thing happened to us, “yuck” and “oh geez, you’re going to cut yourself!” So my husband is currently finishing up the carving. Lol. In an upcoming blog I’d love to see what some of your holiday traditions are!

    • Angelica Acuna

      Brittany White

      We will be trying the cookie recipe this weekend!! Can’t wait to see all the Christmas crafts and recipes!!

    • Angelica Acuna

      Jessica McNamara

      Awesome blog!🎃

    • Angelica Acuna

      Michelle Goldsberry

      Would love to hear about favorite fall activities. Traditions.

    • Angelica Acuna

      Terry Tammy Ellifritz

      A blog addressing picking a outfit that will look great in your Christmas photos. Love your blogs always! The cookie recipe is beyond awesome.🎃😊

    • Angelica Acuna

      Brandy sanez

      Ideas for kids to do in the cold October weather

    • Angelica Acuna

      Alejandra voight

      I would love to see wild haired children hairstyles and holiday traditions for all ages

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