Fun Easter Games Your Kids Will Love

Tiffany Larsen| 28 Feb, 2022

Like Christmas, Easter is a Christian holiday. The celebration commemorates the biblical legend of Jesus resurrecting three days after sacrificing himself to save the world. Even though it’s a Christian holiday, non-Christians also celebrate Easter. In fact, the holiday has grown to incorporate non-Christian practices like celebrating the egg-laying Easter bunny.

Do you have tweens or teenagers that think Easter is boring? If so, you have the power to turn things around and make Easter more entertaining. Keep reading to discover several fun Easter games for kids that can keep your family entertained throughout the holiday. The best part – you can set up most of these games with items you already have at home.

Easter Games You Need to Try 

Here are eight Easter ideas that guarantee a fun time with your loved ones:

Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunting is one of the most popular Easter games for kids, and Americans have played it since the 1800s. The classic egg hunt involves hiding painted eggs in different locations and having kids with baskets hunt for them.

You can set up this fun game in your yard or indoors. Alternatively, you could go to a park if you’ve run out of hiding places at home and have lots of kids. Materials you will need to set up an Easter egg hunt include:

  • Eggs
  • Baskets or bags for each player
  • Hiding spots

You can use hardboiled eggs and paint them bright colors for the game, or you could make the egg hunt more exciting by using plastic eggs filled with candy. Also, you should count the eggs and hide them in places that will challenge your children without jeopardizing their safety. The game ends when someone finds the last egg!

Spoon and Egg Race

The egg and spoon race is a fun game that can help your children improve their balance, focus, and athleticism. The game involves giving each participant a spoon with an egg in it. The participants must then rush to the end of the course without dropping the egg. The winner will be the first player to complete the course without dropping the egg.

While the spoon and egg race typically appears on lists of Easter games for kids, adults can also participate. The items needed to set up a spoon and egg race include:

  • A spoon for each participant
  • An egg for each participant
  • A race course (a simple stretch of grass or a quiet culdesac)

You can play this game indoors or outdoors with plastic or real eggs. If you choose to use real eggs, hard boil them first to prevent messes when a contestant drops an egg.

Easter Egg Toss

The egg toss is a straightforward yet fun Easter game played with plastic eggs filled with water or confetti. If you have an even number of kids, split them into two teams facing each other. Give each kid on one side an egg and have them toss it to the kid directly opposite them.

Each duo must toss their egg back and forth without dropping it. Dropping the egg will lead to elimination, and the winners will be the last duo standing without dropping the egg.

If you have an odd number of players, form a circle and have the players toss an egg around. Dropping the egg will eliminate a player, and the game will keep going until one player remains.

Egg Push Race

Egg push races are just as amusing to play as they are to watch. Line up your players and lay an egg on the ground in front of each participant. Each player will roll their egg to the finish line with their nose or chin, and the winner will be the player who crosses the finish line first.

Jelly Bean Bingo

Jelly Bean Bingo is the perfect Easter game for kids with a sweet tooth. The game is similar to regular bingo. However, instead of marking cards with a pen, players will mark cards with a jelly bean. You will need a bowl of jelly beans and printed jelly bean bingo cards to play the game.

Shuffle the cards and place them on the table facing downwards. Each player will get a bingo board and a handful of jelly beans. After picking a random card and showing or saying the picture, the players will place a jelly bean on the corresponding picture on their board. The first player to get four in a row wins. You can download jelly bean bingo cards here.

Get Ready for Easter with Sparkle In Pink

With so many fun Easter games for kids at your disposal, there’s no reason you and your family can’t have a good time during your next Easter holiday. You have games for kids of all ages, and you can try many of the game ideas at home or outdoors if your family would rather spend Easter in the sun.

However, while having fun this Easter, don’t forget to look your best. At Sparkle in Pink, we have a wide range of cute and comfortable Easter outfits for girls of all sizes. Visit our online store today to explore our lovely Easter collection and order as many clothes and accessories as you want.

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