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Jessie Cozzens| 29 Mar, 2020

Wow... Did 2020 take a quick turn or what? It has been so crazy all over the world with Covid-19. We hope and pray that you all are staying safe and healthy during this trying time. We are right there with you guys and trying our best to keep our warehouse running smoothly. We can assure you that all of us at SIP are taking all the necessary precautions to stay healthy and safe.❤️

We wanted to keep things as normal as possible for our Sparkle family. Our blogs are here to bring you and your kids joy, along with fun ideas to bring you closer and have some fun. What a perfect time to put together an Easter blog with some great ideas! 

Our Table Runner
We have a beautiful table runner that is perfect for Easter and any Spring or Summer get together. It is GORGEOUS and will have your whole house smelling and looking amazing!🍊🍋

Two Ingredient Playdough
We also thought during this time to limit having to go out and buy things for a craft so we have a fluffy playdough recipe that is only TWO INGREDIENTS!🙌 We guarantee you've got the items in your house so if your kids need an activity during this quarantine, this is perfect.

Rice Krispie Easter Baskets
And of course we have the cutest festive treat that your kids will love to make and LOVE to eat.😋

Plus, we'll include a long list of some non-sugar items to fill those Easter baskets. I always need more ideas when the holidays come around that they still get excited over but not a ton of candy.

Easter Decor - Table Runner

To start off, we have to tell you about this table runner. I mean, how stunning is this!? It's so inexpensive and looks so classy. Plus, it smells like HEAVEN! I just grabbed a bunch of citrus fruit from the grocery store, washed it well, cut some in half and left some whole. Then I got two bunches of live eucalyptus. You can just lay them flat, but I actually took some smaller branches off the main branch and laid them to look more rustic. Save a few smaller branches for after the fruit is placed to use as filler to give it a more organic look. If you can't find live eucalyptus leaves, any sort of faux greenery or garland will still look beautiful.
It's smells so good and will be gorgeous for any table setting!

Easy Two Ingredient Playdough

Next up, our Two Ingredient Playdough. Cornstarch and conditioner. That's it! I tried this out first to see if it actually worked and it did! It's a 2:1 ratio. 2 parts cornstarch, 1 part conditioner. I used a white conditioner base so we could make a few colors, but like I said, we don't want you to have to go shopping so whatever conditioner you've got will work.

Let your kids do this. Mine made a huge mess and they loved it! 🤩

Rice Krispie Easter Baskets

Everyone loves Rice Krispie Treats! I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't! These are so easy and a perfect dessert for Easter, and also a centerpiece like I used it for. It's just a standard Rice Krispy recipe.
3 Tbls. butter
1 Bag marshmallows
6 Cups Rice Krispy Cereal
Melt butter, add marshmallows on medium-low heat so they don't burn. Once all the marshmallows are melted, add your Krispies and stir all together. Once cooled, you and your kids can form into little nests. Then fill with Cadbury Eggs, because you must have Cadbury Eggs!!! Let harden on some parchment paper then serve! So yummy and festive!
To wrap things up, here is a great list of non-sugar ideas for baskets. We will share this on social media as well so you can screenshot it. 

We hope you give some of these ideas a try! And along with being safe, we hope you have a HOPPY EASTER!💜🐰💜
Jessie, Blogger for SIP
Jordyn is wearing our bunny dress
Tennley is wearing tutu bunny skirt set
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    Trying the play dough

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    The rice Krispie treats are making my mouth water.

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    Crafts and summer games

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    💕 the Recipes!
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    This is so cute

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Crystal Jacobs

    This is so cute

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    Love the receipts

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    This is just way to cute!

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    My kids had fun making the rice crispy baskets

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    I love how you get creative idea for our littles

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    I’m definitely doing the play dough!! Thanks

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    I can’t wait to try this with my littles

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    Angelique Pfeil

    love the play dough idea! Definitely going to do this with my girls! I’ll even be doing the rice Krispy one even though its not Easter it can be bird eggs in a nest which they will think is super cool because we have tons of trees by us so we always see birds nest so perfect idea!

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    Ashley Knight

    I love the play doh idea :) so much fun!

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    Love these ideas!

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    I love the playdough idea .

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    I love the ideas perfect for my kids to enjoy while out of school. I would like to see more kid activities to keep them busy during their summer break.

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