Easter Outfits for Kids 2021

Tiffany Larsen| 26 Feb, 2021

Chocolates and seeing grandma - is that all Easter is? We look at what Easter is really about and show you some of our incredible Easter clothing for girls!

What does Easter celebrate? 

Easter is a Christian celebration of the resurrection of the Christian leader, Jesus. It is considered the most important event in Christianity, even bigger than Christmas. It marks the end of Lent, 40 days of sacrifice, fasting, and penance.

Easter time is also a traditional time of festival celebrating spring, and is close to the spring equinox. This is a time of renewal and refresh.

Why do we get chocolate? - The Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs

So what do eggs, chocolate, and the Easter Bunny have to do with Easter?! Well! If you look at it from the Christian’s perspective, eggs, milk, and meat were forbidden during Lent, so they always had an abundance of eggs to use on Easter, after 40 days of saving them. If you look at it from another perspective, eggs are a symbol of rebirth, just like the time of spring is linked with resurrection. 

The Easter Bunny is a different story! The Easter Bunny originated in Germany and was the main character of Easter who, like Santa Clause, judged whether or not children were good or bad to determine if they deserved Easter eggs. Other countries and cultures have different Easter traditions, like in Sweden the Easter Bunny is replaced with an Easter Wizard!

The most important thing about Easter?

The most important thing about Easter, as it is for every holiday we celebrate here at Sparkle In Pink, is to be respectful of others and their traditions and beliefs.

Our Favorite Kids Easter Outfits

To celebrate the spring time, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite kids Easter outfits for your adorable little ones.

Kids Easter Dresses

Kids Easter dresses are one of the most important outfits of the spring season. With cute little bows and perfect florals, these dresses are the height of fashion and function! Here are some fan favorites to get the Easter season off to a great start.

Rainbow Stripe Sequin Bunny Tutu Dress

Perfect for Easter or a sweet spring look, this bunny tutu dress is a great warm weather kids dress! She will feel like a little princess all day, whether she’s with grandma or on zoom with her school friends. Made with soft, airy fabric, she’ll be comfy in all her adventures. 

Polka Dot Bunny Striped Tie Dye Dress


This bunny design is perfect for Easter! With adorable polka dots, this oh-so-trendy tie dye dress is the look for this spring. Soft, breathable, and easy to wear, this cute kids dress is all about layering up or down. Pair it with a Sparkle In Pink kids zip up jacket or cardigan and any pair of tights for a cooler day. Add a matching bow for a little extra sparkle.

Purple Bunny Gingham Ruffle Sleeveless Dress


Easter and purple go together like peanut butter and jelly. This allover purple gingham print with 3 bunnies on the front with decorative buttons. This sleeveless dress is all about layering for cool days and keeping it functional for warmer weather in the spring. The ultra soft material makes this dress a staple of her closet and means she can have any number of adventures in it! From running around finding Easter eggs to playing a game with mom and dad. Add a matching bow for the perfect look.

Kids Easter Outfits

Dresses are one thing, but there are so many cute t-shirts and kids skirts on the Sparkle In Pink website, it’s hard not to get excited about the cute kids Easter outfits! 

Blush Striped Bunny Denim Overall Short Set


Nothing says Easter like tiny little bunnies embroidered onto the legs of kids overalls! These adorable overalls and tee combination is perfect for springtime. Featuring ruffle sleeves, this look is great for versatility - and amazing for any active little lady. With adjustable straps and a comfortable waist with buttons, these kids overalls are a perfect fit.

"Shake Your Cotton Tail" Cheetah Denim Skirt Set

Some-bunny is going to hop through her day in cute style with our "Shake Your Cotton Tail" Cheetah Denim Skirt Set. This girls' set is styled with a pink short sleeve top making it a staple addition to her everyday wear. Paired with a cheetah print skirt that features functional pockets adding a playful twist to her look.

Floral Cheetah Bunny Ruffle Capri Set

No event is complete without a pair of capris! The Floral Cheetah Bunny Ruffle Capri set features a fun cheetah bunny design on it’s short sleeve top and extra trendy cheetah print capris. This makes any activity a breeze! With soft material for ultimate comfort and ease, you can mix and match any of our kids spring collection to craft the perfect look this Easter.

Matching Easter Outfits

Mom & Me Outfit - Dusty Blue Cheetah Bunny Tie Top


Nothing says it’s-a-special-occasion more than a mom and me outfit! This adorable matching mom and me tie top with a cute little bunny is a perfect pick for Easter and spring. The versatile blue top is made from soft, breathable fabric that keeps you and your little one comfy all season long.

"Cousin Crew" Pink & Blue Bunny Top


Calling the Cousin Crew! Our new Pink and Blue Matching Kids Tops are perfect for Easter with adorable little bunny prints. Soft fabric provides cozy all day comfort, even when the cousins are out and about, hunting for Easter eggs! These tops are perfect for family pictures, or any Easter celebration this year - even Zoom can’t stop the Cousin Crew! 

Mom & Me - Bunny Trio Top

Easy and adorable, this Mommy and Me matching top with cute bunnies is a perfect pick all season long. The short sleeve design makes it a perfect top for layering. With our zip up jackets for kids and mom, you can elevate your child’s wardrobe with minimal effort. 

Kids Easter Accessories

Pink Stripe Bunny Socks


Soft, stretchable, and breathable knit fabric makes the best socks! These striped bunny socks are great for boots and shoes of any kind. Whether hunting for Easter eggs or relaxing at home, she’ll be ready for another day in our durable kids socks.

Brown Polka Dot Bunny Purse


No outfit is complete without a purse! Add a little sparkle this Easter with this brown polka dot bunny purse, the perfect match for any of our Easter outfits. Fits her most important accessories, from Chapstick and sunglasses to snacks for later.

Glitter Bunny Bow


This hairbow are perfect for your little girl. Need something to accent her ponytail? These are just the thing. With this cute little bunny rabbit, this kids bow is perfect for Easter time.

Kids Easter Outfit Ideas at Sparkle In Pink!

No matter what your plans are for Easter, our selection of festive and fun kids clothing and accessories will make the date even more special. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your adorable outfits!

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