Easy and Fast Growing Plants for Kids

Tiffany Larsen| 28 Apr, 2022

Do your kids love playing in the garden? If so, turn playtime into a productive hobby by teaching your kids how to grow things. You can start by getting fast-growing seeds for kids and showing your children how to raise the plants.

Don't have a garden? No worries. You can start this fun kid’s hobby with potted indoor plants.

Why Grow Your Own Plants?

Showing your kids how to grow plants is an excellent way to teach them responsibility. The skill can also put your kids on the path toward being self-sufficient and eco-friendly. Other benefits of teaching your kids to grow plants are:

Fun Bonding with Your Kid

Working with your kids in a garden can help you escape the distractions of TVs and mobile devices so that you can bond with your children. Use the opportunity to converse with your kids, learn their preferences and aspirations, and understand them better.

Teach Them the Beauty of Taking Care of Something

Growing and taking care of plants can help your kids experience the joy of growing something beautiful with their hands. The hobby can also teach your kids to appreciate hard work and give them the satisfaction that comes from watching your efforts yield something beautiful.

What You Need to Grow Your Own Plants Successfully

The first thing you will need is some fast-growing seeds for kids. Once you have your seeds, you can start growing them with these items:

Proper Soil

Potting soil is ideal for growing plants in pots. The soil is typically soft to help the plant germinate quickly. Potting soil should also have high moisture retention to ensure that the plant stays hydrated as it grows. You can create your own potting soil by mixing garden soil with compost or buying ready-to-use potting soil.

Proper Soil

Potting soil is ideal for growing plants in pots. The soil is typically soft to help the plant germinate quickly. Potting soil should also have high moisture retention to ensure that the plant stays hydrated as it grows. You can create your own potting soil by mixing garden soil with compost or buying ready-to-use potting soil.

Pots with the Right Drainage

Your potting soil will go into pots for planting the seeds. Plastic, clay, and other types of plant pots are available in various sizes and shapes. However, only go for a planting pot with good drainage at the bottom. Otherwise, water will accumulate within the pot and drown the growing plant.

Positive Attitude and Some Sunshine

Plants need sunlight to grow, so make sure your kids place their potted plants where they will get lots of sunlight. Also, nurturing plants requires commitment, consistency, and a positive mindset. If your kids don’t approach growing plants with the right attitude, their plants may have short lives.

You can buy all of the above items individually or save money by buying a kid's plant growing kit that contains everything your young gardener needs to get started.

5 Perfect Plants to Grow with Your Kids

Below are some easy plants to grow indoors or outdoors with your kids:


Succulents are among the top easy plants for kids to grow because they require minimal care and watering (once a week). Examples of succulents are cactus and aloe plants with fleshy leaves and stems. Your kids can grow these plants indoors or outdoors in pots, but they need to be careful of the plant's prickly edges.


Nasturtium is a hassle-free and colorful flower that grows best in areas with lots of sunlight. Planting it requires sprinkling some seeds in potting soil and adding some water. The plant will flower within 35 to 50 days after germination, and nasturtiums can flower throughout summer.


Growing sunflowers from seeds is a popular gardening project for kids because the flower blooms beautifully with minimal effort. After planting the seeds in spring or early summer, water the soil, and the seed will germinate within one to two weeks. Flowers should bloom after two months, but note that since sunflowers quickly grow, they need regular watering to grow healthy.

Lamb’s Ears

Lamb's ears are another potted plant that requires minimal effort. Even with irregular watering or low-quality soil, the plant will still flourish. However, if you want it to grow fast, use rich soil. Depending on the specie of lamb's ears you plant, you may see purple, red, white, or pink flowers during bloom.

Marigold Flowers

Marigold flowers are edible flowers with a pretty yellow-orange color. Your child can grow it in an indoor pot or outdoors in the garden. Since the flower naturally repels pests, you will not need pesticides.

5 Perfect Flower Power Outfits for Gardening

There’s no reason your kids shouldn’t look their best while working in the garden with you. Turn your child into a stylish horticulturist with these outfits:

Polka Dot Daisy Capri Set

The Polka Dot Daisy Capri Set consists of a top and a pair of capris pants that make the perfect combination for gardening in spring or summer. The adorable polka dot and flower design on the top will look cute on your little girl, and you can add a wide brim hat to the ensemble for sun protection.

Gingham Plaid Sunflower Dress

The Gingham Plaid Sunflower Dress is a brightly colored dress that will make your daughter stand out beautifully in any flower garden. The ultra-soft fabric of the dress is comfortable for gardening in warm weather, and the short sleeve design will allow your daughter to work freely with her hands.

Flowered Crossbody Purse

The Flowered Crossbody Purse is a lovely accessory to pair with your little girl’s gardening outfit. The purse is available in pretty colors like sunflower, daisy, and mint sunflower. The versatile purse even has a zip enclosure for securing stored items.

Denim Daisy Short Set

The Denim Daisy Short Set consists of a 97% cotton blue tank top and 95% polyester bubble shorts. The ensemble is easy to wear and breathable to keep your daughter cool on warm days. If your daughter likes, she can mix and match the top or pants with other clothes.

Pink Rainbow Daisy Romper

The Pink Rainbow Daisy Romper is a cute pink outfit with a one-shoulder design. The 95% polyester fabric does not retain dirt, making it easy to clean after gardening. Besides gardens, your daughter can wear this versatile outfit to the park, beach, or the mall.

Grow Your Green Thumb Sporting Sparkle in Pink!

Start a new hobby with your children by creating a garden with fast-growing seeds for kids. Several plant options are available for your gardening plans, and your kids can look fantastic while caring for their plants.

Don’t know where to get the best gardening clothes for your little ones? Check out our latest summer and spring clothing collection at Sparkle in Pink.

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