Fun Hobbies for Kids to Try

Tiffany Larsen| 28 Feb, 2022

Keeping your kid occupied can be difficult, especially during a pandemic! As warmer weather is just around the corner, we've rounded up a list of fun hobbies for kids with a range in movement and creativity. Read on to find your next spring activity and cute outfits to accompany your little one on their new adventure.

Unique Hobbies to Try with Your Kid


Origami is something anyone can try out - all you need is paper! There are a ton of tutorial videos that will give you step by step instructions on how to get started, upload your origami photos to our Facebook page!


It's never too early to show your kids' the importance of giving back. Consider working at your local food shelter or participate in a park clean up. Then head to the ice cream shop after for the perfect spring activity!


Sewing is a practical skill that will never go out of style! You can start out by learning to sew a button and work your way up to a sewing machine from there.

Sketching, Painting or Drawing

Bring out your child's inner artist by encouraging sketching, drawing or even painting. All you need is paper or some sort of canvas along with paint, markers, crayons, or pens to create something amazing. This is a great creative activity for the whole family to participate in! 

Seasonal Hobbies to Try This Spring and Summer


We could all use an extra hand, especially when it comes to outdoor work! Get your child interested in the life cycle of plants, vegetables and countless other things you can grow in your own garden.

Outdoor Camping

Take your kids on a tech-free camping experience when the weather permits it; you can do this in your own backyard or at a registered campsite!

Backyard Yoga

Speaking of backyards, why not show your kid the power of zen by introducing them to yoga! You don't need to be an experienced yogi to get involved, check out these basic yoga poses to try out with your kids.

Swimming or Diving

The water is sure to tire your kid out on a hot summer's day! If your little one is already a mermaid at heart, perhaps take it to the next level with diving lessons or competitive swimming!

Adorable Outfits for Your Kids to Wear This Spring and Summer

For the Beach

Your little one will look just peachy in this adorable two piece swimsuit, perfect for the pool or beach!

For the Outdoor Adventurer

Dress your little dude in this absolute dino-mite outfit, perfect for warm weather.

For the Artist

Show your little artist just how many colors are under the sun with this adorable butterfly tie die skirt set.

Get Your Kid Moving in Style with Sparkle In Pink

Our outfits are designed for your little one to move with comfort, whatever they may be doing! Check out our hundreds of new arrivals and get your little one ready for their next favorite hobby!

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    Great ideas!

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    Will have to try next year

  • Tiffany Larsen


    Will have to try next year

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    Sherquita Redden

    Amazing ideas!!!

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    These ideas are adorable and doable

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    Regan M

    Love all of these ideas!

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    Amanda Lewis

    Love how this talk about showing your kids about giving back.

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    Kimberly Renner

    They’re all great parent and children activities to experience together ❤️

  • Tiffany Larsen

    Kayla Lindell

    It would be a great time to try out some of these new fun activities well it cold out. She already really love swimming and camping but we have a new baby on the way so it would be super fun to start outside yoga when it get hotter out.

  • Tiffany Larsen


    May need to try some origami and sewing together. Wouldn’t hurt any of us to learn. We mostly do basketball and baseball….oh of course swimming! Last year started my first flowers which were for mother’s day from school, sunflowers. Only parent that actually grew them!! About 5 foot 3 inches tall!

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