12 Cute Kids Outfits for Back to School

Susan Staupe| 02 Aug, 2022

It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down. As beach days and outdoor adventures come to a close, you’ll be preparing for the excitement of shopping for school supplies. That includes cute kid outfits for back-to-school! 

Here we’ve put together some of our favorite boutique outfits that have just the right amount of charm, style and comfort for your kiddos.

12 Cute Back to School Outfits for Your Kids

White Alphabet Dress for Back to School

1. White Alphabet Dress

Your daughter can practice her ABCs all day long with this sweet white alphabet dress. The fluttery sleeves and rainbow letter print make this dress dreamy and playful, and it’s perfect for those first-day-of-school photos. The ultra-soft polyester material and pull-over style allow for effortless wear and comes in sizes small to 4XL. There’s no wonder why this dress is a best seller!

Pencil Rainbow Grade Specific Kindergarten through 6th grade shorts outfit

2. Grade Level Ensembles

Whether you’re child is starting pre-K or finishing their elementary school years, we’ve got you covered. Our grade level ensembles are available for every age and size with their grade level embossed on the front in stylish lettering. 

For a little glitz and glam, try our hello pre-K - 6th Grade denim short set that comes in a vivacious, glittery pink. Or, bring out her inner cowgirl with this fringy little miss pre-K cutie distressed denim short set. We have all sorts of outfits and accessories to help you nurture your child’s personality and keep them comfortable all year long.  

Personalized Rainbow Dress with Your Child's Name

3. Pink Rainbow Crayon Dress

This adorable pink rainbow crayon dress is perfect for the first day of school. The pink bodice is paired with a patterned crayon-print skirt as a single pull-over dress, making it quick and easy to put on in the mornings. The flutter sleeves and lightweight polyester fabric will keep your daughter cool on those warm, early September days.

Find this colorful dress in various sizes from preschool to sixth grade, and customize it by adding her name with embroidery.

Blue White & Yellow Gingham Short Set with School Bus for Boys

4. Blue & Yellow Gingham Bus Short Set

Your little boy will feel sharp in this smart-looking blue and yellow gingham bus short set. The top has a sunshiny yellow bus with matching sleeves and crew neck hems for a colorful pop. The white and blue plaid shorts have an elastic waistband that offers plenty of stretch for running around in the gym. Find this set in all sorts of sizes for the fast-growing boy. 

Plum Corduroy Short Set with Grade specific Print for Back To School

5. Plum Corduroy Short Set

Your kiddo will love wearing this charming plum corduroy short set any day of the week. The plum-colored shorts have a soft, plush feel that makes them super comfy and cozy. Plus, the stretchy waistband keeps them secure around her waist without being too snug, letting your little one run around on the playground with ease.

These versatile shorts are partnered with a sparkly black top embossed with her grade level. The matching rainbow and leopard-print hearts give the whole outfit a dash of stylish flair. Numerous sizes are available from preschool to sixth grade, making it easy to find the perfect fit.

Pencils & Calculators Print Back to School Dress

6. Pencils & Calculators Notebook Dress

Your daughter will delight in showing off her smart side with this pencils and calculators notebook dress. Enjoy a decorative print of snazzy calculators, yellow pencils and bright pink erasers. The cut-out sleeves and full skirt give it a feminine look that can be accessorized with a pink pencil cheetah bow

Sizes ranging from preschool to sixth grade are available, letting you easily size up if your daughter is going through a growth spurt. 

Crayon Short Set Personalized with Your Child's Name

7. Customizable White Rainbow Crayon Short Set

Does your child love to color and draw? Encourage his artistry with this white rainbow crayon short set, which you can customize with his name embroidered on the front. The white t-shirt has an embroidered crayon design that offers a clean, cheerful look. The shorts are extra snappy with a bright crayon print and are fast to pull on with an elastic waistband. 

This set offers plenty of versatility, letting you mix and match it with other outfits. It’s available in sizes ranging up to 8 years of age and is perfect for school days and playdates.

Composition Notebook Shorts Set Personalized with Your Child's Name

8. Composition Notebook Crochet Denim Short Set

Your daughter will love wearing this composition notebook crochet denim short set to your school’s next book fair! This too-cute-for-words outfit is available in many sizes, from preschool to sixth grade and can be personalized with your child's name! 

The denim shorts have an elastic waistband with nifty apple and pencil patches, making them both comfy and eye-catching. The composition-style shirt and crochet sleeves create the perfect combination of whimsy and chic. 

9. Black & White Sequin Apples Skirt Set

No back-to-school closet is complete without an apple-themed outfit. This black and white sequin apples skirt set is precious and ultra soft to wear. Both the skirt and top have bright red, glittery apples to make your little girl sparkle and shine. 

The black and white plaid skirt is breezy and versatile and can be matched with numerous tops. Pair it with a red and white apple bow for extra cuteness! 

Blue Polo Shirt with Red & White Striped shorts for Back to School

10. Blue & Red Apple Stripe Short Set

Need the perfect picture day outfit for your son? Both of you will fall in love with this blue and red apple stripe short set. The polo-style shirt creates a crisp look without being too formal. The deep royal blue looks great on camera and has a striking red apple patch in the top corner for a touch of fun. 

This outfit comes with red striped shorts that are soft and stretchy. Sizes range from small to XXL, and you can use our sizing guide to find the best fit. 

Rainbow Colored Pencil Doodle Dress for Girls for Back to School

11. Rainbow Colored Pencil Doodle Dress

Your little one will feel magical in this rainbow colored pencil doodle dress. Patterned with whimsical suns, rainbows, flowers and ice cream cones, this dress is accented with a bright red waistband. 

The light cotton fabric makes this dress breezy and comfy and can be paired with almost any colored cardigan and tights during chilly weather. Add some extra sparkle with a matching colorful rainbow bubblegum necklace.

Back To School Pleather Skirt Set for Girls

12. Back To School Pleather Skirt Set

Your little girl will embrace her inner rockstar with this gorgeous pleather skirt set. This outfit has a strong feminine look with a red, fluttery top. She’ll twirl in the faux leather black skirt that offers plenty of comfort and flexibility. This outfit comes in various sizes and can be paired with heart-eye sunglasses to make her feel extra cool.

Get Ready for School With Cute Kid Outfits From Sparkle in Pink!

The best back-to-school clothes for kids that are comfy, long-lasting and easy to throw on in the morning. At Sparkle in Pink, we make sure your little one's school outfits are all these things while still being fun to wear. Shop our wide selection of back-to-school outfits today.

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