Sparkle In Pink Sizing Guide

Tiffany Larsen| 30 Mar, 2022

Finding the perfect fit can sometimes be difficult, that's why we wanted to break down the Sparkle In Pink sizing guide so you can be sure to order the right size for both you and your children. Read on for specific measurements associated with the sizes and some new arrivals you should get your hands on today!

How to Get The Right Size Every Time

The best way to ensure your Sparkle In Pink items will work for you and your kid, we highly recommend checking out our sizing chart which breaks down the exact measurements of each size we sell at Sparkle in Pink.

We understand that when you see the size 5X you might be taken aback, but this is a friendly reminder that the shoulder-to-hem inch difference between a XXS and 5X is a mere 7 inches; this is to ensure we're providing a very large selection of sizes for all our customers and their unique shape!

Kids Tops

We have a large selection of sizes for kids tops, ranging from XXS to 5X. We know a large selection can sometimes be overwhelming, but we have 10 sizes for a reason; so all your kids can wear Sparkle in Pink! Our XXS shoulder-to-hem ratio is 13" by 9 & 3/4" across the chest, whereas our XS shoulder-to-hem ratio is 14" by 10 & 1/2" - a small difference but all to ensure each piece of clothing fits your kids perfectly!

Kids Pants

When it comes to kids pants, we have just as large of a selection; plus 1! That's right, we have 11 sizes for kids pants, from XXS-5XXL. We have both boys and girls pants available. Our boys XXS is for children ages 12-18 months, while XXL is fitted for boys ages 7-8. Make sure to double check the specific product description to ensure you're ordering the right size!

Kids Shoes

Our selection of kids shoes can be broken up into two categories: T & K, or, Toddler and Kids. The toddler shoes are going to be smaller and are designed to fit younger children, from ages 2-5, roughly. It's important to note that we do NOT sell shoes that are designed to fit infants or newborns!

Women's Clothing

Our women's clothing follows standard sizing which you can see below:

  • XS being for those sizes 0/2
  • small for sizes 4/6
  • medium for sizes 8/10
  • large for sizes 12/14
  • XL for sizes 16/18
  • 2XL for sizes 20/22
  • 3XL for sizes 22/24
  • 4XL for sizes 24/26

With 8 different sizes, you can be confident ordering yourself a matching outfit with your kid! We've selected a few adorable new arrivals to get your hands on, see below! 

New Adorable Arrivals

Check out some of our newest adorable arrivals to snag this spring season!

Matching Pastel Tie Dye Ruffle Dress

Matching Pastel Tie Dye Ruffle Dress

Polka Dot Matching Set

Polka Dot Matching Set

Unique Unicorn One Piece

Unique Unicorn One Piece

Get Your Perfect Fit With Sparkle In Pink!

Making sure your clothes fit you right is so important; the right fit is the difference between feeling comfortable and uncomfortable. At Sparkle in Pink, we pride ourselves on our clothes comfort and affordability. If you have further questions on sizing please call us at 1-866-328-9752 during business hours or email us at and we'd be more than happy to assist you.

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    I.started out with an issue with SIP. I have to say the way it was handled was wonderful! I was treated respectfully and kindly. SIP kept in touch regularly until the issue was resolved. My order arrived and both myself and my daughter are so excited for her to wear her new outfit bow to school tomorrow! I’ve already placed my second order and this time I splurged a bi. My next purchase is going to include. Something for me and my mini so we can match!!

    Thank you SIP!!!

    Dana C

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    My favorite kids clothing boutique…ever. Sizes are accurate, quality is exceptional, and the looks are simply pinkalicious! In addition the “frequent flyer” / Diamond Club is simply a great bonus!!!

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    One of the best sites I’ve found for good quality, great prices and adorable clothes. Thank you Sparkle for making it easy to spoil my granddaughters

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