The Mystery Box Craze!

Tiffany Larsen| 08 Jan, 2023

The Mystery Box Craze and Why You Should Buy One

Trying to find an affordable outfit for the little girl in your life can be a chore. Instead of spending hours shopping online or waiting in line at a store, you can cut out all the stress with a Mystery Box!

You just select the child’s size, and we do the rest of the work. Mystery boxes for your daughter, granddaughter or favorite niece are an effortless way to get several outfits at an affordable price. Check out our themed mystery boxes for boutique outfits that are delightfully unique and fun!

Halloween Mystery Box

Step into the enchanting world of Halloween with our mesmerizing Halloween Mystery Box, brimming with delightful surprises perfect for the spooky season. As the leaves change color and a cool breeze carries an air of mystery, this captivating box holds the key to an unforgettable experience. Carefully curated with a focus on kids' clothes for the cooler months, it guarantees your little ones will be both snug and stylish as they embrace the magic of autumn. Unravel the enigmatic charm of this Halloween Mystery Box, and let the anticipation of its contents add to the thrill for children and parents alike. With each opening, a new adventure in style awaits, making this an irresistible treat for the season of tricks and treats.

Back To School Mystery Box!

Back to school season is just around the corner, and what better way to kickstart the academic year than with a mystery box filled with stylish outfits? This mystery box is the perfect solution for those who want to kick off school shopping early. Each box contains two or three carefully curated outfits that are perfect for back to school or any occasion. Starting at just $21.99, adorable meets affordable!

The mystery element adds an exciting touch to the whole experience, as you never know what you'll be getting until you open the box. This makes it a great gift for students who are heading back to school, or for anyone who loves surprises. With mystery box, you can start the new academic year off in style and with a sense of excitement.

Fall Mystery Box

Get ready to unravel the enigmatic charm of autumn with our captivating Fall Mystery Box filled with delightful kids' clothes for the cooler months. As the leaves change color and a cool breeze fills the air, this intriguing collection holds a world of surprises. Each box is carefully curated to keep your little ones both snug and stylish during the fall season. The mystery lies in the anticipation of discovering what lies inside, making it a fun experience for both children and parents alike. Embrace the mystique of autumn fashion and embrace the magic of this Fall Mystery Box, where every opening brings forth a new adventure in style.

Spring/Summer Mystery Boxes: Time for Fun in the Sun!

From May flowers to summer beach trips, our Spring/Summer Mystery Boxes allow your favorite girl to be active and play in comfort. Each outfit is crafted with breathable, stretchable fabric and is designed for easy dressing.

Receive two boutique outfits in one box for only $20.99 or three outfits for the low cost of $29.99.

Dress Up Mystery Box: Magical Costumes for Everyday Play

Let’s play pretend! With our Dress-Up Mystery Box, your little one can dive into her fantasy world with a show-stopping costume. From a rainbow-inspired peacock to a cozy panda bear, these costumes are excellent for Halloween, school-spirit weeks or everyday wear.

You can select up to two items for your dress-up box. We provide one little girl’s costume for $14.99, or two costumes for only $24.99!

Mix and Match With an Ultimate Mystery Bag!Title

Looking for a variety of fun, quality pieces to add to your child’s closet? Try our Mystery Grab Bags, which include a variety of apparel items and a surprise accessory! This bag won’t include holiday-themed clothing and it’s an unbeatable deal. Receive two items for just $9.99, or get three pieces for $13.99.

Excitement Delivered Right to Your Door With Sparkle in Pink!

The next time you want to give the little girl in your life a special surprise, try one of our mystery boxes! Our affordable mystery boxes take all the stress out of finding new clothes for your favorite little girl with stunning, boutique outfits for every season. You’ll love watching her anticipation as she unwraps a new treasure!

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  • Tiffany Larsen

    Bernice E

    I ordered my first bag outfits. Can’t wait to see them. All of the outfits here are adorable, and I love surprises! ☺️

  • Tiffany Larsen

    Sue Golliver

    Such cute little outfits! My granddaughters love it when I buy them some.

  • Tiffany Larsen


    Can’t wait to get my mystery box!!!

  • Tiffany Larsen


    Mystery box looks interesting.

  • Tiffany Larsen


    Mystery boxes are so fun!!

  • Tiffany Larsen

    Michele Phillips

    love the mystery boxes . love to be surprised

  • Tiffany Larsen

    Christi Johnst

    I absolutely love the mystery boxes! They are by far my favorite!!!

  • Tiffany Larsen


    Just ordered for my daughter, can’t wait to see what’s in it!

  • Tiffany Larsen


    Can’t wait to try one of these

  • Tiffany Larsen


    these are a great solution when you need a variety of outfits for your princess.

  • Tiffany Larsen


    We ordered one, I will probably add one with every order

  • Tiffany Larsen


    I am going to order one soon

  • Tiffany Larsen

    michelle milose

    Mystery boxes are a must have if you want a surprise and I’ve had good ones and bad ones it’s just a chance you take but super cute clothes

  • Tiffany Larsen


    I am thinking about getting a mystery box for my daughters for their birthday and telling them it’s a surprise for both of us :)

  • Tiffany Larsen

    Tiffany Kinder

    I love my mystery bags.

  • Tiffany Larsen

    Kaneisha Perry

    Will try one soon

  • Tiffany Larsen


    I love it here.

  • Tiffany Larsen


    I absolutely love this place!!! My daughter is 6 and I shop here all the time. If it was a store near me i would be in so much trouble. This is the most reasonable affordable cutest clothes ever. I love the mystery boxes as well.

  • Tiffany Larsen


    Purchased two mystery boxes in the past and it was worth it!!!!

  • Tiffany Larsen

    Ruby Woodbury

    Love this’

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