The Best Kids Outfits for the Beach

Tiffany Larsen| 26 Apr, 2022

A trip to the beach is one of the fastest ways to put smiles on your kids' faces. Your children can build castles in the sand, play in the waves, and enjoy several other activities. Even better, while playing, your kids can get tons of vitamin D from the sun, which they need for healthy bones and a strong immune system.

However, before taking your kids to the beach, you need to get them dressed for playing in the sand and sun. Do you need help picking the perfect beach clothes for kids? Here are our top recommendations.

Beach Outfits for Her & Him:

For Her: Cheetah High-Waisted Swimsuit Set

The Cheetah High-Waisted Swimsuit is the perfect choice for your playful little princess. The two-piece cheetah print swimsuit consists of easy-to-wear swim bottoms and a pull-on top. The beachwear delivers optimal comfort thanks to adjustable straps on the top and an elastic waistband in the bikini bottoms. Various sizes of this lovely beachwear are available for girls between 12 months and 12 years old.

For Her: Purple Scales Mermaid Swimsuit Set

If Ariel is your daughter’s favorite Disney princess, then this is the beachwear for her. The Purple Scales Mermaid Swimsuit Set consists of an adjustable halter tie top and easy pull-on swim bottoms. Your daughter will also get a matching zip-up tail to complete the mermaid look.

The swimwear’s eye-catching purple mermaid scale print will make your little princess the center of attraction at any beach outing or pool party. Also, since the beachwear is super comfy with elastic bands, your daughter can wear it throughout your outing without getting uncomfortable. Sizes running from small to XXL are available for toddlers and girls up to eight years old.

For Her: Orange Ruffle Lace-Up Denim Short Set

The Orange Ruffle Lace-Up Denim Short Set is for chic little ladies who don’t plan on swimming at the beach. The outfit consists of an orange top and stylish distressed denim shorts. The top’s 97% cotton material will keep your girl cool while she plays, and the shorts have an adjustable waistband that guarantees a comfortable fit.

Your little girl can pair this outfit with sandals and sunglasses for the perfect beach look. Different sizes are available for toddlers and girls up to 14-years-old.

For Him: Cool Alligator Striped Swim Set

The Cool Alligator Striped Swim Set is perfect for your little man who spends more time in the sun than in the shade at the beach. The beachwear features Rash Guard, which protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Also, the quick-dry fabric of the top and shorts will ensure that your son won’t spend his time at the beach in damp clothes. Various sizes are available for toddlers and boys up to nine years old.

For Him: "Surf & Sand" Shark Swim Set

The "Surf & Sand" Shark Swim Set consists of a cute shirt and a pair of swim shorts made with a comfy and stretchy polyester and spandex blend. The dense fabric of the outfit keeps out UV rays and dries quickly to prevent discomfort while playing at the beach.

For Him: "I Just Want To Rawrr Like A Dinosaur" Swim Set

If your boy prefers wearing dark colors, the "I Just Want To Rawrr Like A Dinosaur" Swim Set comes highly recommended for a beach adventure. The swim set consists of a black top and blue, easy-to-wear shorts. Since each piece is versatile, your son can mix and match the shirt or shorts with other outfits.

For Him: "Hello There" Dinosaur Pocket Top Short Set

The "Hello There" Top Short Set consists of a navy blue top with a cute dinosaur pocket and grey shorts with drawstrings. The ensemble is stylish but does not compromise on functionality, allowing your boy to run, jump, and cartwheel as he pleases. Also, the 95% cotton material provides superior breathability to keep your son cool while playing in the sun.

Tried & True Fun Beach Activities

Are you hesitant about taking your kids to the beach because you are unsure about what to do there? Here are some playful beach activities that you and your kids can indulge in to create some fun memories:

Beach Tic Tac Toe

Beach tic tac toe is like regular tic tac toe, but instead of playing it on paper with a pen, you can play it in the sand. If you and your kids are highly competitive, you can play as many rounds as desired without worrying about running out of beach sand.

Look for Special Seashells

Unlock your children’s inner explorers by inviting them to search for unique seashells with you. You can find different colors and sizes of seashells hidden in the beach sand and make seashell necklaces with the prettiest ones.

Become a Mermaid in the Sand

If your kids brought their mermaid swimsuits to the beach, you guys can reenact the Little Mermaid or create your own mermaid fairytale.

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Marco Polo in the Water

Are your children strong swimmers, and are the waters calm? If so, hop into the sea for a fun game of Marco Polo.

Soak Up the Sunshine with Sparkle in Pink

The best beach clothes are comfortable, stylish, easy to wear, and safe. At Sparkle in Pink, we have beach clothes for kids that check all of these boxes. You can get these clothes in various colors, sizes, and designs that match your child's unique body and style. Check out all our latest beach fashion here.

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