St. Patrick's Day Favorites!🌈🍀🎩

Jessie Cozzens| 02 Mar, 2020

Hello SIP family! We hope you're having a fantastic start to March! Here in Utah we were having some warm springlike weather, then (shocking) we got snow again...🤦‍♀️ There's Utah for ya!
Anyway, for this St. Patrick's Day blog, I decided to go all out! You have spoken on what you'd like to see more of, and I did my best to deliver.
I've got my go to annual, fool proof, Irish sandwich; made with slow roasted corned beef that will be the perfect meal for a work potluck, dinner with friends, or just serving for your family to make the holiday festive. I've got some crafts that your kids will love but one I also know YOU will love as well! I also am sharing my two favorite hairstyles for my girls right now. They are so easy, stay in all day, and don't require a lot of time.🙌

St Patrick's Day Craft

Let's start with the crafts!

An Easy Leprechaun Wreath

First up is my adorable leprechaun wreath. I LOVE how this turned out and how bright and colorful it is.

All you need is a styrofoam wreath, a hot glue gun, and rainbow yarn.
Now, you can buy your own pom-pom balls already made but I was having a hard time finding them at my local craft stores so I made my own. These do take some time, but once you start, they go quick. Here is a link to the video I used for instructions to make the perfect pom-pom balls.
Depending on how big your wreath is, you'll just keep making the pom-poms until it's full. You do want to glue and attach your leprechaun hat first. Glue it so it's angled a little so when it's up on your door, you can see the front of the hat well. Then once the hat is secure, you can start fill the rest of the wreath with your pom-poms in a rainbow pattern. So easy and it seriously looks so cute when it's up!
Tag us on social media if you give this a try, we'd love to see how yours comes together!

DIY Leprechaun Puppets

The next craft is a perfect kid craft. Even my toddler twins got in on the fun. Not pictured because they were in diapers. (Real life moment!) These little leprechaun puppets are so inexpensive and give the kids a lot of room to use their imagination.
Here's what you'll need:
  • Construction Paper
  • Styrofoam Moustaches
  • Brown Paper Bags
  • Stick on eyes
  • Leprechaun accessories
  • Yarn
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Then just follow these steps as shown.
Step 1: 
Glue green construction paper to the bag underneath the flap for the outfit and a little square above the flap for a hat!
Step 2:
Decorate the hat!
Step 3:
Glue eyes, buttons, beards and more onto your leprechaun friend!

I got the paper lunch sacks from Walmart and the rest of the items from Hobby Lobby. I love just browsing and finding things for the craft that my kids will love. Make sure as they glue the beard, to not get the glue under the sack flap. One of my daughters did this and she couldn't open it to use the puppet. We ended up making another so she could use hers right. This kept my girls busy for a good amount of time and I loved the faces they came up with.

Kids Lucky Irish Hairstyles

Now onto my easy go-to hairstyles. As most of you know, my girls have a ton of hair! I'm always trying to find ways to do their hair that are quick and easy, but hold their hair out of their faces and prevent knots.

The Crown Braid

First up, Jordyn. We call this the "rainbow braid" in our house. Some call it a crown braid.

It just starts with two simple braids. Then you just take one braid, lift it up and wind around to the other side, then secure it with bobby pins. Then take the other braid and do the exact same thing, crossing the braid over the other and securing it. Once the braids are secured in a crown, I like to fluff up the braids a bit. I just pull some of the braid a little so there are some flyaway's. I don't like to look too perfect. I think it's cutest when it's more organic looking. Then just some hairspray and top it off with a festive headband! I found these ones from the Dollar Store. 

The Unicorn Mane

For Tennley's, I love this unicorn mane! You just make three separate pony's.
Then start with the top one, split into two and twist around and under the next pony and tie together with an elastic.
Then do the same thing on the next one. Again, pull on some of the hair to give it a more fluffed look. Then I just complete the end with a braid, sometimes a low messy bun, or just leave it with the pony. Super cute, and spunky for this kid of mine! 

Irish Sandwiches

To finish up, I wanted to share my Irish sandwich recipe that I make every year! If you're Irish and I'm doing this all wrong, forgive me! Haha This is just what I call it so I'm sorry if I botch this!!!
3lb. Corned Beef, with packet
1 Cup water
3 Cloves Garlic, minced
1 Bay Leaf
2 Tablespoons Sugar
2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 Teaspoon Pepper
Rub corned beef with garlic, spice packet, sugar and pepper. Place in slow cooker fat side up. 
Add the vinegar and bay leaf on the sides of meat, then fill slow cooker with water until it covers about 1/4 of the meat.
Cook on low for 8-9 hours. 
Remove from slow cooker, use two forks to shred meat. Place shredded meat on baking sheet and broil on high for 5-8 minutes until some of the bits are crispy. Serve on toasted rye or sourdough bread with thinly shredded cabbage, and store bought Russian dressing. YUM!! 
I'm a fan of a Reuben or Pastrami sandwich but this is the only time I make this at home. It's yummy and fits for the holiday! You can be the favorite co-worker and take this into the office. You can invite friends over for a St. Patty's party or just serve it for your family to make the holiday festive! Let me know if you give this a try! 
We hope you have an awesome St. Patrick's Day this year. Don't forget to weart some green and keep yourself and your kiddos "pinch proof". Jordyn is rocking our Pinch Proof Ruffle Sleeve Top. On sale right now for only $9.99! Here's the link:
Tennley is wearing our Black and White Striped Clover Dress.Right now only $8.99. I paired this with a pair of grey leggings to keep warm.
Have an awesome day and we will be back with our next blog with all things EASTER!!!
Jessie, Blogger for SIP
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  • Jessie Cozzens

    Shelley Johns

    What fun ideas

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    ☘️Such Fun Activities ☘️

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    Fun ideas

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Fun ideas

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Natasha Sept

    Absolutely loved this, I am going to try this out when I get a chance.

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Adrienne Abercrombie

    This was my first time ever reading one of these and I most say I’m sooo happy I’ve found this site!! I’ve been looking creative things to do with my girls!!! Thank you so much!!! Let the fun began!

  • Jessie Cozzens


    I absolutely love the hairstyles and would give anything if my short curly haired 4 year old had some length to hers. I love the unicorn style the most. Adorbs. Love all the ideas on this site. So glad I came across you. Thank you for all you do.

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Will have to try the up-do’s. My babygirl has curly hair down to her bum. She did NOT get the hard head from me😬
    It will take sometime but… I will give it a try😉

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Natalya Ussery

    Love the themed sandwich and the wreath so awesome!

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Ashley Schultz

    I love the Hair ideas. My daughter just let me start doing her hair and I can’t wait to try these on her.

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Hannah Hargrove

    Such cute hair ideas!!

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Dana Wright

    Love the crafts and hair styles…. so awesome that you even included lunch 🥰

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Rachel Blair

    I love these styles

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Love this! Such great info!

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Such cute hair ideas!

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Melissa Smith

    My daughter LOVES the crafts & hairstyles! She wants me to do the crown braid when she goes back to school! She wants to go the store to buy supplies for the crafts, this should keep her busy for a little bit while we are supposed to stay home as much as possible! Thank you so much for all the fun ideas every month! 😍

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Rene VanAusdall

    I love the hairstyles and crafts! Such great ideas!! You are so creative!! I think for summer it would be awesome to see hairstyles that keep them looking fresh all day, and cool summer treats and activities to do with your kiddos!

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    Angelia Dawdy

    Love the braids! Such fun craft ideas as well

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    I love seeing fun craft ideas on the blog! :) 💜

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    I will try out some braids on my daughter too! Her hair is curly and fine though so it’s difficult

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