Snowday Crafts for When It’s Freezing Outside

Tiffany Larsen| 16 Dec, 2021

Finding things to do in the winter with kids can be difficult, but there is hope! Warm up the hot chocolate and marshmallows; it's time for snow-themed crafts. Winters arrival means more time inside. And while your little ones might beg you to jump in the snow, some days are far too freezing to play outside. Bring the fun of winter inside with our favorite snow crafts for kids!

How to make fake snow at home

Depending on where your family lives, snow is a staple of winter. It's beautiful to look at, play with, and even eat if you ask your kiddies. Snow is also chilly and melts far too quickly. And while fresh snow is difficult to play with inside, making fake snow at home is the perfect solution.

Finding things to do in the winter with kids can be difficult, but there is hope! With only a few ingredients, keep their little hands occupied, creating a winter wonderland!

Recipies for the best indoor snow!

Light and powdery fake snow

If you love the look of fresh snow, this recipe is just what you need. This powdery snow is perfect for your little ones to give their toys a snow day too!


16 oz of Baking soda

1 can of Shaving cream

1 Bowl for mixing

                1. Let your little one place the baking soda in the mixing bowl.

                2. Knead in shaving cream, small portions at a time.

                3. Continue kneading ingredients for 8 to 10 minutes or until it reaches a snow-like consistency.

                4. Enjoy your powdery snow!

    Fake snow for molding

    This snow recipe is perfect for building a family of snowpeople or even an Iglue. There is no limit to creativity with this snow!



    3 cups Baking soda

    ½ cup White conditioner

    1 Fork

    1 Bowl for mixing

                   1. Let your little one place the white conditioner in the mixing bowl.

                   2. Pour in the baking soda.

                   3. Encourage your child to use a fork to mix the ingredients.

                   4. Build a snowperson!

      How to store fake snow

      Once your little one finishes playing with their snow, you don't have to throw it away. With an air-tight plastic container or bag, you can store fake snow for 5 to 7 days. Make sure to key the snow in a cool area, and if it becomes dry, bring it back to life by adding water.

      Paper plate winter crafts

      Paper plates are great for cutting down on dishes and making winter crafts. As a kid-friendly activity, paper plates are a great way to decorate your fridge or even your whole house. To make these crafts, all you'll need are paper plates, household items, and their little hands!

      Polar bear paper plate craft

      With fresh snow and ice, cold winter days can feel like living in the Arctic. Let your little one's imagination come to life with their very own polar bears. As the largest bear in the world, this craft is great for teaching your curious kiddies about the fascinating lives of mammals in the Arctic. Who knows, polar bears might be their new favorite animal!


      1 Paper Plate

      White and Black construction paper

      Cotton balls



                      1. Start by cutting out eyes, a nose, and a mouth using your paper.

                      2. Let your little one choose the placement of the bear's face.

                      3. Help them glue the face in place. Continue gluing the plate until you've covered the entire surface.

                      4. Let your child fill the plate with cotton balls to finish the bear's face.

                      5. Leave the plate to dry for up to an hour or until dry.

      Polar Bear craft

        Paper plate snowflake

        No two snowflakes are alike, paper snowflakes included! Get your kids excited for winter by encouraging them to create a unique snowflake. This craft is a fun activity for them and low in mess. Enjoy a snowflake that is guaranteed not to melt!


        1 Paper plate

        Blue marker or crayon


                        1. Guide your child in drawing a snowflake. If they prefer to do it alone let them be creative in their design.

                        2. Once they draw the snowflake, take a toothpick and poke holes outlining its shape.

                        3. If your child wants to add to the snowflake consider helping them add glitter to the snowflake.

        Kid drawing

          Snow crafts for kids

          Painting does not have to be on paper; kids know this as they draw on your couch or walls! With access to free snow and food die, turn your kitchen into a mini art studio. Let your kids make their masterpiece before the snow melts!



          Food coloring

          Container or bowl

                         1. Start by letting your child collect snow in a container.

                         2. In the bowl, flatten the snow using a spoon or their hands.

                         3. Once your snow is in the bowl, allow your little one to use the food coloring to paint.

                         4. Start a new drawing by adding snow on top or running the container under warm water.

          Snow craft

            Outfits for their snow day

            Whether you let them stay in pajamas or dress up as little snowflakes, our outfits are perfect to wear all winter long. Spice up your kid's closet with snow-inspired outfit sets!

            Kids Pajamas, pink and blue

            Winter Wonderland Pajama Set

            This Winter Wonderland Pajama Set features long sleeves and a fun winter print. Each set comes with a long sleeve top & matching jogger-style bottoms. This pajama set is perfect for Holiday photoshoots or cozy movie nights with the family.

            Light Blue Snowman Ruffle Top

            Light Blue Snowman Ruffle Top

            Your gal will love dressing up for all the holiday festivities in our Light Blue Snowman Ruffle Top. Made from soft breathable fabric, this girls' top feels cozy against her skin, while the ruffle sleeves offer a fun feminine fit. Explore our variety of bottoms to complete your little one's outfit.

            Kids Polka Dot Snowman Bell Bottom Set

            Polka Dot Snowman Bell Bottom Set

            Bring on Winter with this Polka Dot Snowman Bell Bottom Set for girls. This top looks adorable paired with the matching polka dot bell bottoms. The stretchy waistband helps comfort and fit and can be great on the go.

            Kids White Snowman Hoodie Pant Set

            White Snowman Hoodie Pant Set

            Bring on Winter with this White Snowman Hoodie Pant Set for girls. This hoodie looks adorable paired with the matching polka dot leggings. The stretchy waistband helps comfort and fit and can be great on the go.

            Kids Mint "Let It Snow" Sequin Denim Set

            Mint "Let It Snow" Sequin Denim Set

            Bring on the holiday season with this Mint "Let It Snow" Sequin Denim Set for girls. This flowy bell sleeve top looks adorable paired with distressed sequin denim pants. The adjustable waistband helps comfort and fit and can be great on the go. Pair with a jacket or vest for the cutest winter look!

            Is it too cold to sled or make a snowman? Do not fear! Try our kid-friendly crafts and transform your home into a winter wonderland. Using household supplies, their little hands will love our indoor activities. The winter spirit doesn't stop there, explore our outfits and keep your kids comfortable while they craft!

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