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How To Celebrate Halloween This Year

Braden Larsen| 07 Oct, 2021

It’s that time of year - yes the one with the pumpkins and the ghosts and ghouls from all walks of life - Halloween is back with a vengeance this year, and we can’t wait! Some of our team are already preparing for their Halloween celebrations with costumes from Sparkle in Pink and decorations from Amazon already on the way! 

What is Halloween and why is it celebrated?

Halloween started as a tradition in Europe as part of a Celtic religious and Gaelic festival of Samhain - Alholowmesse (all-hallo-maås) was another term used in middle-english. Samhain - also known as “The Great Fire Festival” - involved people lighting bonfires and wearing costumes to ward off ghosts. In the 8th Century, Pope Gregory the Third created a new holiday on November 1 - All Saints Day. In keeping in line with the traditions of the Catholic Church, All Saints Day incorporated the traditions of Samhain. The evening proceeding All Saints Day, come to be known as Halloween, was originally known as All Hallows Eve first. Over time, Halloween has become its own holiday and has its own traditions.

In the United States, Halloween wasn’t celebrated much in colonial New England, primarily because of the protestant beliefs which restricted the entertainment of ghosts, witches, and the paranormal. However, colonies like those in Maryland and other southern almost-states celebrated Halloween more frequently. What Halloween became was a mesh between the beliefs of the Celts coming from the Celtic roots of many of the colonizers, and the traditions of the Native American tribes, including harvest season. This distinctly American take on the holiday included stories of the dead, ghost stories, and general mischief from all members of the community. In the late 19th Century, many new immigrants, like those from Ireland, brought with them traditions of Halloween like dressing up and what we call trick or treating.

Today, Halloween is a staple holiday for all Americans.

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How do I explain Halloween to my kids?

Kids love Halloween - from the dress up to the candy, it’s like a kids dream! 

Explaining Halloween to your kids is important, just to make sure they understand the traditions behind it. Obviously, not all children are interested in the Celtic roots and the witchcraft annihilation of the 1900s, so let’s break down the key points to share with your kids:

  • Before Halloween was Halloween, it was a celebration of the people we’ve lost
  • Halloween is scary, and a long time ago, people were burned at the stake for being witches
  • Some people celebrate Halloween as an act of thankfulness for the harvest season

How do I eHow do I make Halloween less scary?

There are plenty of Halloween costumes, events, and traditions that focus on the harvest and NOT the scary stuff. Some awesome ideas are listed below, but the first step is to understand what your children want to do in regards to celebrating Halloween - 

  • Maybe they want a scary movie and in that case, check out these kid friendly Halloween movies from Rotten Tomatoes.
  • They could be really into arts and crafts, and in that case, try some Halloween crafts out from the Spruce Crafts!
  • Get them to help you out with some house decorations! It doesn’t have to be the scariest house on the block or apartment in the building, but it can pep them up and help them feel involved.

Outdoor Halloween activities for kids

Like 2020, this Halloween will feel a little different to every year before. Masks are still in play for indoor activities and outdoor activities depending on where you live, and the ever-present threat of “will we catch COVID here?” is always on the brain.

Outdoor activities are your best bet this year, and we’ll tell you how you can celebrate safely this year by creating a fun environment where the spooks and scares are abundant.

How to celebrate Halloween safely this year?

Here’s what you should be considering when celebrating Halloween this year:

  • Masks! Wear ‘em!
  • Social distance when possible
  • Try whittling down your friend group to ensure everyone feels safe and secure.
  • Keep things outdoors when you can, but take precautions when indoors to limit the spread.

What outdoor Halloween activities should I do with my kids?

Halloween really is fall’s last hurrah - in some places it could be snowing already. So make the most of it by spending it outside.

Here are some great ideas on how to spend more time outside this Halloween:

  • Pumpkin patch 
  • Taking your kids to a pumpkin patch is an essential part of Halloween and fall traditions. Find your perfect pumpkin and take a bunch of pics for the gram.



  • Trick or treat 
  • A classic Halloween tradition; Trick or treating is great for an outdoor Halloween activity, and gets your extra steps in while you’re walking around the neighborhood. Dress up and try on one of our Halloween costumes to take it up a notch.

  • Hayride
  • All aboard! Hayrides are a fun family outing that can be tacked on to any pumpkin patch outing or apple picking adventure. Hayrides are a fun way for kids to get involved on the farm, and a great way for mom and dad to have a beer and kick back for a moment. Find local hayrides near you!

    What indoor Halloween activities should I do with my kids?

    Does it get a little chilly where you are? Or are you trying to keep your family safe from contracting COVID-19? Try an indoor Halloween experience this year! 

    Here are some great ideas on how to spend Halloween indoors this year:

  • Pumpkin carving
  • This may sound like an outdoor activity, but you absolutely want to clear out the garage and put down a drop cloth to make clean up easy without attracting ants or bugs. Pick up a pumpkin carving kit from Amazon or your local craft store, and find some patterns online to start your masterpiece!

  • Halloween movie
  • A spooky - or funny - Halloween movie is perfect for any child. Whether you’re watching it with your kid or you’re hosting a kid’s movie marathon, there’s nothing like a kid friendly Halloween movie to get you in the mood for spooks and scares.

  • Cookie decorating
  • Cookie decorating never gets old! Get a set of spooky shapes and cookie cutters to decorate easy cookie shapes for Halloween. Pick up some colored icing and edible glitter to decorate your cookies exactly how she likes them.

    Our Favorite Kids Costumes For Halloween Activities 

    The Rainbow Dinosaur

    The rainbow dinosaur is a winner in our books! This adorable costume packs a punch and complements our Gray Dinosaur Costume!

    Fuzzy Fox Costume

    What DOES the fox say? You can ask her for yourself with this adorable Fuzzy Fox costume! This four piece costume comes with the adorably fuzzy top, orange skirt, tail & matching headband for a complete costume this Halloween. The ultra soft material makes this a no brainer costume for every wannabe fox!

    Llama Costume

    Llama's are so cute, they deserve their own costume this year! Our 3 piece kids llama costume is fun, easy to dress and so sweet! She'll be ready for those cooler Halloween and fall nights in this fuzzy ensemble! The whole costume includes the fuzzy sweater dress, colorful scarf & knee-high socks.

    Peacock Costume

    The most beautiful & new Peacock Costume is here! The peacock costume makes a great pick for Halloween dress up or a special occasion outfit. The tutu dress has peacock feathers in the back, and is paired with peacock wings, she will love to fly around in! The whole look comes with 3 pieces - Dress, Wings & Headband - everything a pretty peacock needs to have a fabulous Halloween!

    Want to know how we did this adorable makeup? Check out our blog!

    Rainbow Butterfly Costume

    The rainbow butterfly costume is a PERFECT Halloween outfit that she can wear to any dress up party all year round. The three piece costume comes with the dress, the wings, AND the adorable butterfly headband. Be sure to pick one of these up this year!


    Try out any of our costumes, and celebrate Halloween in style - however you want to spend your evening. From spooks and scares to comedies and cookies, there’s something for everyone this Halloween.

    Be sure to tag us online @sparkleinpink on Instagram and @officialspakleinpink on Facebook to show us your Halloween activities!

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