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Peacock Makeup Tutorial! | Sparkle In Pink

Quynn Larsen| 27 Sep, 2021

We are so excited to launch our custom exclusive Peacock Costume! 🦚 You can find all great costumes from Sparkle In Pink here!

We had so much fun doing the makeup and hair for this Peacock Costume, and so we wanted to share with our amazing customers and give you some ideas!  😊 We broke it down so it's pretty simple and easy to recreate!


Makeup For Kids Peacock Costume:

Items you will need: 

1. Light Brown eyeliner pencil

2. Green & Blue eyeshadow- We used the Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette, but any green or blue eye shadow will work.

3. Black Liquid Eyeliner

3. Stick on blue gems, we got in the sticker section at Michaels. You can find at most craft stores.

4. Eyelash glue

4. Gold glitter or gold shimmer eye shadow

6. Light Pink Lipgloss- We used covergirl lipgloss

Peacock Makeup For Kids:


1. To create the feather look on the face we started by drawing feathers in light brown pencil eyeliner to create the outline. We did that before tracing in black liquid eyeliner, so it was easier to clean off if we needed to fix something.  

(Another tip- if you want them to hold still while you do their makeup, just give them a phone to watch YouTube on! 🤪)

    2. We then filled the feathers in with the green eyeshadow, and put that on her eyelids.

    3. After that was filled in green, we filled the lower part of the feather with the blue eye shadow.

    4. Once that was done, we used the black liquid liner and traced the light brown eyeliner so it popped, and added lines and dots around the feathers.

    5. We then placed the blue gems on the feathers. If you are worried the blue gems will fall off, you can use eyelash glue to stick them on. 
    6. For the final touch, we added gold glitter around the feathers and between the eyes.
    7. We finished off the look with mascara and light pink lip gloss!
    The final look 🤩🦚✨💙


        We hope this peacock makeup tutorial helped! Leave a comment with your favorite tip, or if you have any questions we are happy to help! :)

        Love, Sparkle In Pink 💕


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        • Quynn Larsen

          Courtney Goff

          So cute!!

        • Quynn Larsen

          ivy parker

          i did this on my little sister it turned out so amazing

        • Quynn Larsen

          Brittany Leigh Radford


        • Quynn Larsen


          So adorable!

        • Quynn Larsen

          Samantha Elliott

          What super cute idea love it

        • Quynn Larsen

          Jan M Bens


        • Quynn Larsen


          Awesome idea!

        • Quynn Larsen

          Cynthia L Burnett

          To Cute!

        • Quynn Larsen

          Lora Melt

          So cute!

        • Quynn Larsen

          Tanya Perez

          So adorable thank you for sharing

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