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Comfortable Tops for Park Adventures

Tiffany Larsen| 28 Apr, 2022

Outdoor adventures are excellent for helping your child socialize and appreciate nature. The exercise can also help your little one develop their motor skills, mental acuity, and muscle strength. Lastly, while outdoors, your children can get lots of vitamin D from the sun, which they need to develop a strong immune system and healthy bones.

One of the best ways to get your kids to go outdoors is to plan park adventures. To help you plan a park adventure that your little ones will love and want more of, we’ve created a list of park activities for kids to try during your outing.

Fun Things to Do at the Park

Outdoor Art Projects

Take drawing materials with you to the park so that your kids can create artworks of what they see. Motivating your kids to create outdoor art will fuel their creativity and help them better appreciate the beauty of nature. Here are some fun outdoor art ideas to try with your kids.

Fly a Kite

Kite flying is a fun hobby that most kids find irresistible. You can make the activity more fun and educative by teaching your kids how to build customized kites. Seeing their creation soar through the air can boost your child’s self-esteem and make the activity even more pleasurable.

Go Hunting for Treasure

If your child is the energetic and curious type, take them on a treasure hunt. You can set up this activity by telling your child to find and retrieve items in the park, such as specific colored flowers or rocks. Alternatively, you could hide items around the park and provide your little treasure hunter with clues on how to find the hidden items.

Play Hide-n-Seek

Parks generally offer lots of hiding spots for playing hide-n-seek. Getting your kids to play hide-n-seek is also an effective way to get them to explore the park on their own. However, before the game starts, set ground rules regarding how far your kids can go to hide or seek and hiding places to avoid.

Have a Picnic

After an activity-filled day at the park, settle down for a beautiful picnic with your family. You can have your lunch on a picnic blanket spread on the grass or on the benches provided by the park. Some parks even allow visitors to bring in grills for barbecuing. After your meal, don’t forget to dispose of your trash correctly.

Adorable and Comfortable Tops for All Your Park Adventures

Do you need help picking clothes for your child’s next park outing? Check out these cute kids’ summer clothes

Lace Peplum Top

The Lace Peplum Top is the perfect feminine outfit for warm spring and summer days. The stretchy, soft fabric and tank sleeves guarantee superior comfort, and you can get the top in several cute colors that match your daughter’s style. 

Pink Daisy Top

The Pink Daisy Top is a cute short sleeve shirt that pairs well with skirts, shorts, and jeans. Since the ultra-soft material is breathable and quick-dry, your little girl will stay comfortable throughout her outdoor adventure.

Good Vibes Blue Sunshine Top

The Good Vibes Blue Sunshine Top is a blue and white short sleeve shirt that offers a cute fit and unrestricted movement. The soft and breathable fabric is perfect for adventures on hot days, and you can get the top in various sizes for toddlers and tween girls.

Soft Knit Button Up Tunic Tank

The Soft Knit Button Up Tunic Tank is perfect for spirited little girls who love exploring. The tank sleeves are functional and adorable, and you can get the top in purple, blue, or blush.

Lemon Striped Pom Pom Top

The Lemon Striped Pom Pom Top is a delightful lemon print dress that screams summer. Its ruffle sleeves and cheerful colors will make your daughter the center of attention in any park.

Matching Bestie Squad Top

Do you have twins? If so, get the Matching Bestie Squad Top. The pink tie-dye top has ruffle pom-pom sleeves that keep air flowing beneath the top to keep your girls cool while they play. Even if you don’t have twins, you can get the Matching Bestie Squad Top for your daughter and her BFFs.

Explore the Great Outdoors with Sparkle in Pink

Your kids should always look their best, and Sparkle in Pink is here to help you make that happen. Before setting up future park activities for kids, visit our summer store to get your children clothes that will keep them happy and comfortable while playing and exploring the world.

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