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Our Favorite Kids Clothes for the Festive Season

Christmas has come early at Sparkle In Pink! Our amazing kids christmas clothing collection is back and we’ve got some great deals for quality kids clothing for 2020. Whether you’re going to safely visit grandma this holiday season, or are trying to stay bundled up at home with your nearest and dearest, we have the outfit for you! Whether your child is active or just likes to chill, we have both active and more formal outfits for every activity and every day in the holiday season.

Christmas is the one time of year that adorable meets cozy meets festive! We have so many options for your children to look as fresh as possible this Christmas, including scarves, hats, dresses, and onesies.

Reusable Kids Face Masks 

Starting off strong with our best selling kids reusable face masks! The soft, sequin design means incredible comfort, and protection from the COVID-19 pandemic. Reusable and washable, our comfortable fit childrens mask means she can keep stylish no matter what’s happening outside.

Kids Christmas Dresses

Snowman Polka Dot Dress

Our best selling (and oh-so cute) snowman print polka dot dress for kids is the best way to welcome Frosty the snowman into town! Fun, feminine bell sleeves and a cinch waist mean a cute, easy, and festive outfit for any holiday. This ultra-soft material and pullover style means comfort and easy dressing for girls on the go!

Red and Pink Ruffle Dress

Perfect for cool Winter & the holiday season, our cute Red and Pink Ruffle Dress is the festive addition to her wardrobe she’s been looking for! Long sleeves with a matching plaid skirt means extra warmth (psst! Pair it with a Sparkle in Pink kids jacket for a warm, cozy, bundle of love!) She’ll love the unique, printed skirt and soft, cozy bodice for any activity she needs to do.

Santa Claus Long Sleeve Dress

Nothing says festive like SANTA! And what better way to welcome the big boy to town with a sweet Santa printed dress for girls! With long sleeves, she’ll even wear this one while walking around looking at christmas lights! Easy layering is a snap with ultra soft material and long sleeves, meaning you should check out our collection of kids jackets. And if she’s a fussy dresser, don’t worry, this kids christmas dress is pull-over, meaning no more zips, no more fiddly buttons, just adorable style.

Kids Christmas Beanies & Scarves

Mom and Me Matching Red Pom-Pom Beanies

Our red kids beanie (and matching mom beanie) is a fan favorite! Versatile and ready for a season’s worth of wearing, this beanie is ready for action this festive season! Make her outfit pop and keep her little noggin warm with a cuffed, snug, design and extreme stretch. The classic fisherman’s style beanie for kids is back in fashion and oh-so festive, meaning you and your kiddo are ready to take on the day!

Santa's Sleigh 3 piece Scarf Set

Looking for the complete package (and a cute scarf to boot)? Try our Santa’s Sleigh Scarf Set! Perfect for the holidays, this adorable, flowy tunic is perfect for any of Santa’s little helpers. This children’s christmas outfit is paired with an adorable, printed scarf that just screams “here comes Santa Claus!”

Kids Jackets and Sweaters for Christmas

Blue & Red Long Sleeve Winter Shirt

It’s time to break out the kid’s christmas sweaters, and what’s better than a classic blue and red long sleeve sweater, with adorable reindeer designs and patterns? The front pocket is perfect for keeping all her little snacks (or whatever important things she needs for her adventures on the day). This ultra soft material is great for layering and is hyper-breathable, keeping her comfy and cozy, no matter what she’s up to!

Mom & Me - "Merry" Blush Pink Pullover

Mommy and me designs are so cute in Winter! Especially this cute, pink pullover! With “Merry” embossed on the front! From grandma’s house to opening presents early Christmas morning, there’s nothing like an adorable, matching mommy and me sweater that fits the season! Made with soft, breathable fabric, this kids pullover will keep her (and you) comfy during all her adventures.

Kids Christmas Outfits

"Let It Snow" Buffalo Plaid Bell Bottom Set

Step back in time with this buffalo plaid, bell bottom pants set! It’s going to be a groovy christmas with these classic bell bottoms and a versatile “let it snow” long sleeve tee. Bring on the holiday season in super comfy, soft fabric that’s made for layering - in fact, why don’t you go check out our adorable kids jackets and boots to pair with this kids christmas outfit?

Buffalo Plaid & Lace Ruffle Legging Set

Nothing says “I’m ready for toys, now” more than this adorable, plaid lace ruffle legging set with a sweet A-line plaid skirt! Ruffles on the shoulder straps, hem, and leggings means instant-cute and perfect for Instagram! The easy top and pants design makes it easy to change and easy to keep active!

"Merry Christmas" Denim Skirt Set

There’s not a single season that a cute kids denim skirt can’t fix! The "Merry Christmas" Denim Skirt Set is perfect for the holiday season, with a long sleeve design and embossed “Merry Christmas” on the shirt. This adorable kids christmas outfit pairs a versatile white top and denim skirt for an easy look to dress up or down. Functional front and back pockets on this ensemble means plenty of room for sneaking snacks from the dinner table - sorry mom!

Clarice Reindeer Denim Pant Set

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer will be jealous of your little one  in this children’s christmas outfit! Our Clarice Reindeer Denim Pant Set is your best bet for a unique and festive kids outfit this holiday season, with long, feminine bell sleeves and an adorable reindeer print. Pair it with a pair of cute Sparkle in Pink kids rain boots and an adorable mommy and me beanie for the ultimate Christmas kids look.

Kids Christmas Onesies

Snowman Polka Dot Ruffle Romper

I hear those sleigh bells ringing! This adorable christmas themed baby romper is the perfect “welcome to the holidays” for any little spirit’s first Christmas on Earth. The long sleeves and cute little ruffle cuffs mean all day comfort that’s made for layering. Dress this up or down with a cute, festive baby jacket and socks! And don’t worry, this christmas onesie has crotch snaps for easy changing and a relaxing evening. 

Polka Dot Reindeer Cheetah Romper

OK I just couldn’t stop myself from adding this adorable kids Christmas onesie to this list!!! Cheetah print is back in fashion for all ages! This classic polka dot design with reindeer print screams holiday cheer. Ultra soft, and oh so sweet, this baby’s onesie is all day comfort with ruffles! And yes, easy changing is a snap, literally, with a snap crotch.

Kids Christmas Clothes at Sparkle In Pink!

Hear those sleigh bells ringing right into the night, with our amazing collection of kids Christmas clothing this year at Sparkle In Pink! If you buy something, don’t forget to take pics and tag us on social media!

Happy shopping!

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  • Kimberly Smith :

    Love SIP 🥰

  • Kimberly Smith :

    We love all SIP clothes. Good quality and great prices. We love mystery boxes too!!

  • Kimberly Smith :

    I absolutely love you guys! You have the cutest clothing for little girls. The quality is amazing and everything is reasonably priced.