Best Kids Shoes for School

Tiffany Larsen| 27 Jul, 2021

It’s back to school time! Fall is just around the corner and great shoes are essential for making a statement and keeping your children warm and dry. Fall shoes are hard to choose - with the fall weather up and down, it can be hard to find the right shoes for the right day and have them still look super stylish. We’ll go over what to look for in a good school shoe and show you some of our favorites in this article.

What to look for in Kids School Shoes


Comfort is #1 when looking for school shoes. You don’t want those little toes and feet to get squished and uncomfy. On the flip side, you don’t want them too big that they cause blisters. For sneakers and closed toe shoes, a thumb length at the top of the shoe should be sufficient in size. For sandals, be sure to get the width right.


Of course, you want those shoes to make a statement! Especially on the first day of school. You want to create a cool outfit and keep it looking great from head to toe. Look for shoes that she naturally gravitates towards and keep an eye out for others in similar color and style.


You want school shoes that are going to keep your little one on their feet and stable throughout the day, without worrying about bumps or falls. Look for shoes with thick soles and great arch support.

Our Favorite Kids School Shoes

You can’t look past these amazing shoes for school that we just got in. 

Sparkle in Pink Premium Exclusive Boots

These never go out of style. Our premium exclusive boots are durable and bring style and functionality to every-day wear. Mid calf length, they’re stable and have a textured outsole for increased grip. Never worry about wet feet at school in the fall again.

Birkley Double Bow Cheetah/Polka Dot Sandals

A fun take on birk sandals, our Birkley double bow sandals bring all the fashion while keeping it comfortable for everyone. The open toe is breathable for those warmer fall days, while the straps are flexible for comfort and socks if it gets a little cooler. A fun, girly look, there’s patterns for everyone and every outfit.

Faux Fur Slip On Sandals

Fall is the perfect time to wear these faux fur slip on sandals. Easily style these slip ons with any variety of outfits. The open toe combined with the fur make these a breathable option while keeping her feet warm.

Rubber Clogs

Rubber clogs are back in style - like they ever left, right? Great for in and out of the water and wet areas - perfect for fall. Light and airy, these clogs are comfy and rubber straps keep those shoes in place all day long. With a variety of colors, there’s something for every little one’s style.

Woven Avery Ankle Strap Sandals

Even moms can get in on the action with these ankle strap sandals! Upgrade your wardrobe with these fun, easy to style sandals. These stretchy straps are perfect for comfort and keeping a secure fit.

Snakeskin Sneakers

Snakeskin sneakers are all the rage. With lace up fronts, a padded collar, and a rubber outsole, these sneakers are comfortable and have great grip for all day wear. The cushioned insole makes for great, comfortable wear that keeps it cool and sporty.

Metallic Shimmer Booties

These versatile shimmer booties are some of our best sellers. With easy side zips and a rubber outsole, there’s no way she’s slipping in these shoes! The soft insoles keep her feet comfy all day long, and they pair well with any outfit you can think of. They come in gold and silver, so don’t be afraid to get both for every single day wear.

Keep stable this fall with our incredible booties and shoes

Kids sneakers and shoes for school can be hard to find, but with our tips and our wide selection of shoes for every occasion, there’s no way you’ll be short of shoes for back to school.

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