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Jessie Cozzens| 30 Jul, 2019

Hello friends! I can't believe school is almost here!! I love summer and here in Utah it's been in the hundreds, so hot! I am looking forward to fall and hoping it lasts for a while!

When I was brainstorming ideas for this blog, I kept thinking how I will now have two kids in school all day long. Bittersweet that's for sure. My second is starting first grade and she is my little shadow. She is really nervous to start school and be away from me all day. So I'm really trying to help get her excited and do some fun things to make this transition easier for her. And to also make it fun for my oldest!

First Day Of School Activities

"Jitter Juice"

I found the cutest idea revolving around the book First Day Jitters, and you make "Jitter Juice" along with it. I LOVED this idea! I found the book at Target

I just bought our favorite juice, ripped off the label, and made my own. Then used some whipped cream and sprinkles on top because, sprinkles make everything better.💜  

This was a hit for my girls, and the book is so cute! I highly recommend this one. 

Animal Fruit Snacks

Lunches are always difficult to get my head around. My oldest, Jordyn, is the pickiest eater on the planet! If it wasn't a PB&J, it was noodles with Parmesan cheese or a bagel and cream cheese for her lunch and some sides.

I am determined to change that this year. So I thought of fun ways to make eating fun and HOPEFULLY she will be more excited to mix it up a bit!🤞

It was actually really fun to get creative and make little animals and such. Here are a few ideas of what I did so hopefully it can give you some ideas!

I love, love, love all things Wilton. I found these adorable cookie cutters at Michael's and they were really inexpensive, especially with the 40% off coupon. And I just toss them in the dishwasher when I'm done.

For the eyes, I just used candy eyeballs. You can find them in the cake decorating sections at most grocery stores or craft stores. I just bought what fruit and veggies my kids will eat and let my inner artist come out!

Pita bread, turkey pepperoni, sliced deli turkey, cream cheese, peanut butter, it's all good!

School Supplies

My girls' school doesn't require too many supplies so I just grabbed a few inexpensive things from Target. I love their cute colors and my girls are obsessed with all things unicorns and rainbows! Just a few supplies to give them and hopefully they'll be excited to use their new things and put them in their backpacks! 

The adorable large signs you see are just an inexpensive pack from Michael's. I walked by them and loved what they said so I have put them in my house just for some words of encouragement before school starts. Simple, but very meaningful reminders that I think are important. 🙂

Kids Clothes for School


And can we talk about my girls ADORABLE outfits!? Even the little twinners are rockin' some of our Best Friends Hoodies while snackin' on some school food! 👯‍♀️ They're both wearing a 2T, which is right on the money and true to size for them. They're out of stock right now, but check out these other great hoodies!

Jordyn is wearing our White Floral Dress. The material on this one feels like butter and the colors are to die for! She is wearing a 3XL, running true to size for her as well. Check out the Sparkle In Pink dress collection for more dress options.

Little Miss Tennley is in one of our faves! Our Burgundy Leopard Hoodie which is also a Mommy & Me set! 🙌 These have been some of our top sellers. So soft and cute and perfect for fall! She is wearing an XL. True to size.

Writing this blog has gotten me excited for school myself! I love seeing my kids thrive and coming home to tell me about their day. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and that the new school year is one of the best for your families.

Please stay tuned for the next HAIR TUTORIAL blog coming in the next week or two! We have had tons of you ask for some pointers and how-to's for some of our model's hairdo's and wanting some more ideas. So be sure to keep an eye out for that one. 


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  • Jessie Cozzens

    Angela Allen Bugeja

    Love the animal fruit and veggie ideas!! And the jitter juice is GREAT! Have to read that book as well.

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    I loved the cute lunchbox ideas! Thanks!!!

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Love these ideas. My little one will love the cute lunch critters! Thank you for the great ideas.

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Love it!! The snack idea was great as well I may need to use these tips.

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    Love it!

  • Jessie Cozzens


    I like the fruit snacks.

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    Bridget Phillips

    That is a good idea for when my little starts school!!

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    Anita Walsh


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  • Jessie Cozzens


    I absolutely Love SIP

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Tabitha J Sullivan

    The jitter juice is an awesome idea! I do several themed and shaped lunches for my daughter, a Fb page to check out would be something about bento kids or Pinterest some themed bento lunch ideas if you are interested in ideas also!

  • Jessie Cozzens


    great idea!!

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    Such a great idea

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    Such cute idea’s

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    Chelli H

    Such great ideas!

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    Elsa G Gomez

    Great Ideas

  • Jessie Cozzens

    Stephanie Prentice

    Love these crafts

  • Jessie Cozzens


    Love some of the cute food ideas cant wait to make some for my daughter

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    Love this cute idea!!!! fun seasonal ideas!!!

  • Jessie Cozzens


    This was such a great Idea!

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