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Kids Hair Bows
Bow Size Guide
Bow Size Guide

Boutique Hair Bows!

Gorgeous hair bows at wholesale prices! Sparkle In Pink's selection of big, bright, and beautiful kid's hair bows are the essential accessory for girls! With classic styles, out-there, fashion-forward bows, and bows ranging from 3-8 inches, there's a huge selection of hair bows for any fashion star. If you were to ask us which bows are our favorites, we're torn between our cute and quirky unicorn bows - complete with the horn! - and the fan-favorite sequin kid's hair bows - to us, they're all adorable. With over 30 colors to choose from, our classic styles are also flying off the shelves. Hair bows are the ultimate girls accessory and can be paired with any girl's dress or kid's jewelry to create the perfect outfit.

Hair Bows - The Perfect Accessory

Girls hair bows are an adorable way to add a little sparkle to their ponytails, pigtails, and even braids! Any hairstyle can be uplifted with a little (or large) bow! There's very little a bow can't fix. Our wide selection of bow colors means you can pair them with any of our kids outfits for the perfect kids ensemble.

Adorable Hair Bows at an Affordable Price

Just because these bows are the height of fashion, doesn't mean you have to spend top-dollar. Shop the entire kid's hair bow collection at Sparkle In Pink, with prices starting at $1.99! We know that our competitors want you to believe that boutique bows have to be pricey, but that's not true. At Sparkle In Pink, you get high fashion kids accessories at wholesale prices. Shop the selection today!