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Witch Costume Broom & Shoe Tutorial



We are so excited to launch our Exclusive Witch costume! Shop all costumes here!

We made a video tutorial to show you how to make the darling witch broom and witch shoes that are featured in the photos and videos. This could be a fun project to do together with your little one to elevate her witch costume to the next level!!

Kid's Witches Shoe Tutorial

For the Witches Shoes you will need:

1.  Pair of shoes- (We found cheap ballet flats at Wal-mart or target)

2.  Scissors.

3.  Foam paint brushes.

4.  Mod Podge - matte.

5.  Masking Tape.

6.  Acrylic paint in any color you would like.

7.  Glitter

8.  Rhinestone buckle.

9.  Ribbon

10.  Newspaper

11.  Disposable pie tins or cardboard from cereal box.

12.  Glitter

13.  Exacto knife.

Kid's Witches Boom Craft Tutorial

For the Witches Broom you will need:

1. Measuring tape or ruler.

2. 1" wooden dowel or branch from a tree.

3. Two sizes of ribbon - 3/8" and 5/8" - any color you would like.

4. Scissors

5. Hot glue gun

6.  6" wide spool of tulle in any colors you would like.

7.  Plastic spiders.

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  • Tiff Dolenc

    Krystal Green

    So cute!!!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Tammy peavy

    I love this idea

  • Tiff Dolenc


    Such a great idea!! Super cute!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Dawn M. Grant

    I love these ideas, they are absolutely adorable.

  • Tiff Dolenc


    So cute!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Victoria Geigner

    Very cute ideas!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Megan Andrella

    Cute ideas!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Catherine hyde

    Get ideas

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Kimberley Clark

    My daughter thought this project was fun!

  • Tiff Dolenc


    Too cute!! Making the shoes and a miniature version of the broom for a wreath to gonon my door! Love this!

  • Tiff Dolenc


    Love the idea!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Lhaura Spurlock

    I love that broom. I plan to make one to decorate with.

  • Tiff Dolenc


    Adorable ideas, thank you for sharing with us! Next month maybe share ideas on setting up the perfect Thanksgiving table for kids!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Angela M Davis


  • Tiff Dolenc

    Brittany White

    So cute!!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Teresa Hunt

    That’s very clever

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Sydney Lamb

    Super easy idea!!! Thanks ..this was so cute

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Sirrah Brown


  • Tiff Dolenc

    Jennifer Stat

    So cute!!! 🎃

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Jayde Sousa

    Super cute!

  • Tiff Dolenc


    So cute!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Kristy T.

    This is the cutest diy for Halloween!!! Love it!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Halima Al-Qahtani

    Awesome! So cute

  • Tiff Dolenc


    Love this!

  • Tiff Dolenc


    great idea

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Joann Pineda

    Super cute! Love a DIY!

  • Tiff Dolenc


    Such a cute and easy idea, Thank you!!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Kasie Compian

    This is so much fun we live DIY!!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Krissa Redman

    Love this! Totally going to try it out :)

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Tierra West

    Such a great idea. I love it !

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Terry and Tammy Renee Titchenell Ellifritz

    This is beyond adorable. Love, love, love tutorial! What a money saver…

  • Tiff Dolenc


    LOVE IT!!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Jessica Houchens

    Ahh, so cute!!!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Jessica Griggs

    🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤 Love them both!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Alyssa Gibs

    Love it!

  • Tiff Dolenc


    ADORABLE! Great ideas!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Michelle Saunders

    Cute idea!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    adriana macias

    Will deff try this for my girls halloween school party😍😍🥰

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Chelsea Schneider

    Adorable! Love doing DIY crafts!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Michelle St Louis

    Love diy blogs!

  • Tiff Dolenc


    Very creative

  • Tiff Dolenc


    Love the ideas! So creative.

  • Tiff Dolenc


    You always have great ideas!! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Cristina P


  • Tiff Dolenc

    Harley W

    This Is Super Cute!! Great Job!!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Victoria shed

    Super cute and great price project

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Racheal Ritter

    Love this!!!!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Priscilla Rhine

    Thank you for the shoes tutorial was so helpful! Can’t wait to try!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Linda Klingbeil

    Such cute ideas! Love it!

  • Tiff Dolenc

    Lia Delaney

    Love the ideas!

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  • Lia Delaney :

    Such a wonderful idea!❤

  • Lia Delaney :

    love this!!

  • Lia Delaney :

    How neat!