Valentine's Day Paper Crafts

Tiffany Larsen| 24 Jan, 2022

Your heart will melt with the cutest Valentine's Day crafts for your little one. Their artsy fingers will love our easy Valentine paper craft ideas that are perfect for decorating your home or scrapbook. Remove finding activities for Valentine's Day off your to-do list, we have fun and easy crafts for your child and you to enjoy!

Read on and explore our favorite Valentine's Day outfits that are adorable and affordable.

How to make a heart card

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means a perfect chance for your kiddos to share their love for the people in their lives. Heart cards are a perfect personalized gift for a kid to give to their family and friends that they appreciate or have not seen in a while. Feel free to join them in this craft and get in the loving spirit of Valentine's Day.

Follow our steps to bring your very own paper heart card to life!

Paper heart card

Let their creativity loose with extra paper and supplies for a variety of unique cards.


2 to 3 sheets of red and pink construction paper

Pencil and Markers

Glue stick


     1. Start by having your child fold a piece of construction paper in half. Feel free to help them fold the paper if they have trouble.

     2. With the folded paper, have your little one trace the shape of a heart. On the edge of the paper, your child's heart should be hanging over the folding portion of the paper. This will make sure that both halves of the paper stay connected after cutting.
     3. Next, have your little one use scissors to cut out the heart and help them to avoid cutting the folded part of the heart. When done, the folded paper will have two connected hearts.
     4. To decorate the card they can use additional construction paper or household items. Little cut-out hearts are a great way to decorate or by drawing with markers!
     5. Use the glue to connect decorations to the card and leave to dry for 15 to 30 minutes.
     6. Finally, they can write a message inside or attach a treat!

    Heart card 

    Easy peasy Valentine crafts

    Are you looking for some fun DIY projects for your kiddos to make? Prepare their little hands for adorable and easy crafts!

    Rainbow hearts

    This craft is perfect for your little painter to express their talents.


    White construction paper




    Paper towel or rag

        1. Start by preparing their craft station with paper towels or a clean-up rag.
        2. With their fingers or a paintbrush, your little one can pick their favorite colors and decorate the sheet with hearts.
        3. Your painter can paint their hearts in rows or whatever creative way they would like.
        4. After they finish their art, let their masterpiece dry for 20 to 30 minutes.
        5. Hang up their art for the whole family to enjoy.

      Painted Valentine's Day Paper Crafts

      3D hearts

      These hearts are great to hang up or spread around the house!


      1 to 2 sheets of construction paper


      Glue stick

          1. Using construction paper, help your child cut small or large strips.
          2. Have your child fold a strip in half, then curl the strip, and repeat on the other side.
          3. Keep the curled strips in the shape of a heart by gluing each side of the paper. Press them together for 20 to 30 seconds.

        DIY paper hearts

        Creative Valentines poems for children

        Writing a poem can be difficult, but there are simple ways for your child to write their own. If you have been looking for cute kid-friendly poems that your little one can write, then this article is for you!

        "I love…"

        This poem will get your little one thinking about why they love the people in their life.


            1. Start by having your kiddo pick someone in their life.
            2. Next, have them write why they chose that person.
            3. Repeat for as many people as they would like to include.


          I love my brother because he is nice.

          I love my sister because she watches movies with me.


          I love ____ because ____

          "I Love You More Than…"

          This poem is simple for your child to think of other things they love.


              1. Have your child think of things they love, such as a show, food, or anything else they think of writing.


          I love you more than cookies,

          Than apples and a pear,

          Than candy,

          And my toys.


          I love you more than____

          Than ____ and ____


          And my ____.

          The cutest Valentines outfits for your kids

          Your little one will feel the love all day with the cutest Valentine's outfits. Explore a variety of versatile designs that your child can wear beyond Valentine's Day!

           Pink and Black "Follow Your Heart" shirt

          "Follow Your Heart" Pink & Black Skirt Set

          Your sweet little one will look oh-so adorable in our "Follow Your Heart" Pink & Black Skirt Set for girls. This set features a black long sleeve top making it perfect for Fall. This long sleeve top looks adorable paired with the matching sweet pink skirt. Finish your little Valentine's outfit with the cutest .

          White "XO" Heart Dress

          White "XO" Heart Dress

          Your little one will feel the love all day in our White "XO" Heart Dress. In a festive "XO" heart pattern, this dress is made from soft and cozy fabric that will keep her comfy during all adventures. The breathable fabric makes for comfy and adorable wear.

          Red and Black "Loveosaurus" Shirt

          "Loveosaurus" Shirt

          Your little heartbreaker will love wearing this "Loveosaurus" Shirt. This top features long sleeves, and a fun dino design embossed on the front. In a fun red & black design, this top is made from soft and breathable fabric that will keep your little one comfy during all adventures. Complete their look with our variety of comfortable and stylish bottoms!

          White "Here To Steal Hearts" T-Shirt

          "Here To Steal Hearts" T-Shirt

          Your little heartbreaker will look oh so perfect in our "Here To Steal Hearts" T-Shirt. This top features long sleeves, and a fun saying embossed on the front. In a fun black & white design, this top is made from soft and breathable fabric that will keep your little one comfy during all adventures.

          Grey and red "Mr. Heart Crusher" Romper

          "Mr. Heart Crusher" Romper

          Dress up your little heartbreaker for the day in this "Mr. Heart Crusher" Romper. This long sleeve romper for infants is made from soft & stretchy fabric, making it a comfortable one-piece for cool weather wear. The snap fastenings on the crotch allow for easy dressing and changing.

          "Be Mine" Tutu Skirt Set

          Add sweet festive style to her look with this "Be Mine" Tutu Skirt Set. This girls' set is styled with a simple crewneck and long sleeves makes a staple addition to her everyday wear. Paired with a matching tutu skirt that features matching tulle adding a playful twist to her look. Bundle her up in style with one of our fashionable jackets.

          Get your little one excited for Valentine's Day with simple and fun crafts. Whether they like to paint or glue their masterpiece together, enjoy bonding with them over these creative activities. The perfect Valentine's Day gift is from the heart, so break out their markers for kid-friendly poems!

          Find the best outfit for your child to celebrate Valentine's Day here!

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