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Tiffany Larsen| 11 Nov, 2021

Turkey day is here, a busy time for any cook with little ones! We all know that cooking a tasty Thanksgiving feast for hungry people is not an easy task. Neither is entertaining hungry kids, curious about the smells coming from the kitchen. Extra hands can be helpful on a busy day like Thanksgiving. Get your little ones involved by having them make easy craft decorations!

Easy Thanksgiving crafts

When thinking of Thanksgiving, the first thing that comes to mind is turkey, turkey, and turkey! Share the fun outside of the kitchen with cute turkey crafts. While you bust out your best silverware, don't stress about elaborate decorations. Your little ones' handmade crafts will make a great addition to your celebration!

Crafting can get complicated, but does it need to be? We don't think so! Easy Thanksgiving crafts can keep kids occupied while you guard the kitchen from sneaky taste testers. The best part about crafting is there are no rules; you don't even need to go out and buy expensive supplies. Let your little ones' creativity flow by using everyday household items.

Our favorite household items and crafts to make with them!

Gratitude Pumpkin

This craft is a great way to encourage your kiddies to share what they are thankful for. You'll need paper, tape, a cardboard tube, and a pen. To make the pumpkin, tape paper around the cardboard tube and cut 6 to 8 equal paper strips. On each strip, your child can write a different note of gratitude. 

To put the pumpkin together, tape one end of a gratitude strip inside the tube and the other on the top with text facing out. Enjoy this low mess craft and have your little ones share their gratitude pumpkins at the dinner table!

Paper Gratitude Pumpkin

Turkey Place Card Holders

Get your kids excited for dinner with cute placeholders. You'll need clothespins, paper, glue, and any other items you'd like to use for decorating.

To make the placeholders cut out leaf designs or use real ones for the body. Your munchkins can choose to put whatever you allow them to on the placeholders; their creativity will bring ordinary clothespins to life.

Paper Thanksgiving crafts

Odds are you've seen some impressive paper turkeys. None more impressive than the one your little ones will make! Paper turkeys are simple for any aged kid, and great for showing off their design skills. In this year's turkey celebration, let your kiddies enjoy construction paper Thanksgiving crafts!

To make a paper turkey, you need construction paper, scissors, glue, and a marker. If you want a colorful turkey, make sure you have paper in different colors, or you have colored markers on hand.

1. Have your child trace their hand on the construction paper. The tracing can go around each finger or with a closed hand for a cute personalized turkey!

2. The first step is cutting out their handprint for the turkey's body. Once complete, it is time to work on the feathers! In a circle to an oval shape, cut out 5 to 8 feathers, ranging in size to give a layered look. What is a turkey without a face? With your construction paper, cut out eyes, a nose, and feet for decorating.

3. Let your little ones arrange the cutout pieces in whatever way they would like. Once done, they can use the glue sticks to bring the whole turkey together. 

Paper Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey handprint art

We can't get enough turkey-inspired crafts. Break out your paint and get those hands ready. To make this craft, you need watercolor/construction paper, paint, and paper towels. To prevent a big mess, you can join the fun and make a handprint turkey with feathers as well!

Making a handprint turkey takes just a few steps.

1. Prepare your craft station with paper towels on hand. You never know when an unexpected mess can happen.

2. Help your child place the paint on the bottom of their hands. Let your kiddies get creative with their design. There are a few ways to paint a palm; With their whole hand, by each finger, or by layering many colors.

3. Once painted, place their hand on top of the paper and help them put pressure to leave the print. You will want to wash their hands and give time to allow the paint to dry before decorating the turkey.

4. Let them use googly eyes, sticks, or anything their curious minds can come up with and dress the turkeys. A great craft to hang up for all your family to see!

Adult painting kids hand, for turkey handprint art

Our favorite Thanksgiving outfits for crafting

Help your kids get in the crafting spirit with adorable Thanksgiving outfits. Perfect for crafting or your dinner table, you can't go wrong with these outfits!

Orange "Thankful" Suspender Skirt Set

"Thankful" Suspender Skirt Set 

Bring on Thanksgiving crafts with this "Thankful" Suspender Skirt Set for girls. This comfortable long sleeve top looks adorable paired with the plaid suspender skirt. Featuring a stretchy waistband, your little one can enjoy comfort on the go!

Black, White and Brown "Feast Mode" Long Sleeve Stripe T-Shirt

"Feast Mode" Long Sleeve Stripe T-Shirt

Get in the turkey day spirit with our "Feast Mode" Turkey long sleeve. This outfit is just what your little ones need for Thanksgiving dinner! The long sleeve is made with ultra-soft material and breathable cotton fabric. Keep your little one comfy during all holiday adventures!

Orange "Gobble 'Til You Wobble" White Long Sleeve Dress

"Gobble 'Til You Wobble" White Long Sleeve Dress

Add sweet fluttery style to her look with this "Gobble 'Til You Wobble" White Long Sleeve Dress. This girls' dress is styled with an all-over white and brown turkey print. The cozy fabric makes for comfortable wear, perfect for Thanksgiving!

Mustard Thanksgiving Ruffle Onesie

Dress your little one up with our Mustard Thanksgiving Ruffle Onesie! The onesie is made from ultra-soft stretchy fabric comfortable for your baby to wear all day long. Your little pumpkin will look adorable in this Thanksgiving outfit!

Football Turkey Striped Long Sleeve Top  

Your kiddo will love wearing this charming plum corduroy short set any day of the week. The plum-colored shorts have a soft, plush feel that makes them super comfy and cozy. Plus, the stretchy waistband keeps them secure around her waist without being too snug, letting your little one run around on the playground with ease.

We can't get enough of this Football Turkey Striped Long Sleeve Top! Our long sleeves are always soft and made for activity - especially a Thanksgiving football game! Check out the rest of our Thanksgiving collection! 

Time for crafts!

Thanksgiving is a busy day for showing off your skills in the kitchen. Keep your kids out of your hair and entertained with creative Thanksgiving crafts. With simple household items, our craft ideas are inexpensive and fun! Who doesn't love cute handmade turkey decorations? Roll up your little one's sleeves and get creative with turkeys!

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