St Patrick’s Day for Kids 2021

Tiffany Larsen| 22 Feb, 2021

If you’re feeling like your luck is increasing lately, it could be because St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! With so many ways to celebrate at home, we’re going to help you find the best way to celebrate with your kids and your family. St Patrick’s Day is also a great reason to dress up and find a cute, kids st pattys day dress or outfit to wear - green of course!

What does St Patrick’s Day celebrate? 

St Patrick’s Day celebrates the Christian Saint, Saint Patrick, who was responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland. Because of the strong relationship that American’s have with the Irish, we celebrate it here too, especially in places with big Irish communities, like Chicago and Boston.

Leprechauns, Luck, and The Four Leaf Clover

There are so many traditions and icons with St Patrick’s Day, it can be hard to keep them straight! 

The four leaf clover is one that we’re all familiar with. It’s used on St Patrick’s Day because it’s a national emblem of Ireland. The legend goes that St Patrick himself used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity to the Irish. Eventually, four leaf clovers were used as a way to dress up an outfit for church, and the tradition persists today. When the Irish came to America, there weren’t any clovers growing, so the Irish had to draw them! 

The Leprechaun is also a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day. Leprechauns in Ireland are tricksters and are cheeky! When the Irish came to America, they brought their Leprechauns! Soon enough, Leprechauns became a symbol of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. But why do YOU have to wear green? WELL! It’s said that Leprechaun’s can’t see green, so they can’t see you on St Patrick’s Day if you’re wearing green, which means they can’t play tricks on you and pinch you!

Our Favorite Kids St Patty’s Day Outfits

To make sure you won’t get pinched, we’ve put together a collection of cute kids St Patty’s Day outfits for adorable little Leprechauns in the making.

Kids St Patrick’s Day Dresses

There’s nothing like a St Patty’s Day dress to make sure you’re getting your green in!

Irish Tartan Bell Sleeve Dress

Something classic never goes out of style, which means you’ll be able to wear this kids green tartan dress whenever you like! The adorable bell sleeves are perfect for cooler weather, and the flowy skirt means it’s great for layering. Add a pair of pants or a zip up jacket for the perfect outfit.

Glitter Clover Stripe Dress

Add some lucky holiday shine to her St. Patrick's Day look with our Glitter Clover Stripe Dress. Crafted from a soft and breathable fabric to let her breeze through her day in ease, this long sleeve dress is the perfect addition to her wardrobe. It's decorated with a black and white stripe design with cute glitter clovers to add a dash of glam to her festive look. She can pair it with sandals and a matching bow for warmer celebrations, or layer with a cardigan and leggings on the cooler days.

Black & Green Tie Dye Shamrock Bell Sleeve Dress

Soft and breathable, this cute kids bell sleeve dress is the perfect Leprechaun repellent, with  a cute tie dye design and a clover appliqué to add a dash of glam to her festive look. The long sleeve design means it’s perfect for spring and cooler months, and the trendy tie-dye goes great with any jacket or pair of leggings.

Kids St Patrick’s Day Accessories

Find a complete kids St Patrick’s Day outfit for her this season. There’s even something for mom to match!

"Lucky" Rainbow Clover Green Sequin Pant Set

What’s St Patrick’s Day without a little sparkle? This Rainbow Clover and Green Sequin Pants set is the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day kids outfit - no Leprechauns here! Perfect for cool mornings, these pants scream “no pinching please!” Pair this kids outfit with any of our St Patty’s Day bows and sandals for the complete set.

Mom & Me - "Pinch Proof" Green Short Sleeve Top

You and your little one will be pinch proof in our "Pinch Proof" Green Short Sleeve Tops! These tops feature short stripe sleeves and a fun saying embossed on the front. This top is made from soft and breathable fabric that will keep her comfy during all adventures. You can pair it with our matching bows or our mom and me sandals for the perfect look! Little ones love to match their mommy!

Green Plaid Cinch Blouse Corduroy Skirt Set

Your lucky little one will look oh-so adorable in our Green Plaid Cinch Blouse Corduroy Skirt Set. This girls' set is styled with a plaid square neck top makes a staple addition to her everyday wear. Paired with a corduroy skirt adding a playful twist to her look. The breathable fabric makes for cool and comfy wear, while the pull-on style allows for simple dressing. She can pair this dress with booties or a matching beanie for a cute and cozy look!

Kids St Patrick’s Day Accessories

Green & Yellow Clover Feather Bow

Get your locks ready for the holiday celebrations with this Green & Yellow Clover Feather Bow. The clip is easy to add to your hair, whether you're holding a few strands back from your face or decorating a ponytail. This hair accessory features an array of St. Patrick's Day themed ribbons & marabou!

Green & White Shamrock Bubblegum Necklace

This girls' bubblegum necklace is sure to be your little girls' favorite! Bring those outfits to life with accessories that radiate their unique personality. The cute white and green colors and the shamrock pendant along with the simple design make it a breeze to match with most outfits this St Patrick’s Day.

Kids St Patrick's Day Outfit Ideas at Sparkle In Pink!

No matter what your plans are for St Patrick's Day, our selection of festive and fun kids clothing and accessories will make the date even more special. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your adorable outfits!

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