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Mermaid Hair & Makeup Tutorial | Sparkle In Pink

Quynn Larsen| 06 Oct, 2020

We are so excited to launch our custom Mermaid Costume!  You can find all great costumes from Sparkle In Pink here!

We had so much fun doing the hair and makeup for this Mermaid Costume, that we thought it would be fun to share with our amazing customers and give you some ideas!  🧜‍♀️😊


Makeup For Kids Mermaid Costume:

Items you will need: (Also pictured below)

1. Pink & Blue Glitter loose glitter- We picked up at Michaels craft store, you can find at most craft stores or beauty stores.

 2. Starfish- We got the starfish pack below at Michaels, and used the smaller starfish in the pack. 

3. Stick on blue & pink gems and pearls, we got in the sticker section at Michaels. You can find at most craft stores.

4. Blue and Pink Temporary Hair Chalk, we got from Ulta. We also got glitter hair spray from Ulta.

5. Light Pink Liquid Eyeshadow- We used Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow 

6. Light Pink Lipgloss- We used covergirl lipgloss

7. Gel Glitter- We used the gel glitter to put on her arms for fun! Totally optional!

Mermaid Makeup For Kids

  1. To create a scale look on the face we used fishnet tights from Walmart, and cut a piece off and held it on her face. We used green and blue shimmery eyeshadow and brushed that over the fishnet tights, so when you take it off, you have a fish scale look! It was super easy to do and such a fun detail to the costume that kids will love! 😍Here is a close up shot, the scale makeup was even prettier in person!
  2. We used the pink shimmer liquid eyeshadow for the eyes and next to the scales. Since it's a wet eyeshadow we topped it with the loose pink & blue glitter to add ever more shimmer!
  3. Once that was done we used the pink & blue sticker gems and pearl stickers on the side of the eyes. 
  4. We then placed the starfish on the side using eyelash glue to stick it on.
  5. We finished off the makeup look with a little mascara and pink lipgloss.
  6. Also, for a final touch you can add glitter on the arms! ✨

    Mermaid Kids Hair Tutorial

    Here is a couple more close up shots, this was so fun and easy to do, little girls will love it! 🧜‍♀️😍✨
      We hope this tutorial helped! Leave a comment with your favorite tip, or if you have any questions we are happy to help! :)

      Love, Sparkle In Pink 💕


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      • Quynn Larsen


        Does the makeup stay on all day or do you have to use a setting spray?

      • Quynn Larsen


        Excelente idea, mi pequeña está a punto de cumplir años y quiere la temática de la sirenita en su fiesta, 😍 encontrar esta boutique en este momento fue lo mejor que pudo sucederme justo ahora. ✨🤩

        Todo luce precioso!!

      • Quynn Larsen


        I am just browsing through the blog. I love mermaids so I stopped. This look is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait until my 2 year can sit still a little longer than 2 minutes and attempt to recreate.

      • Quynn Larsen

        Nicole Troutt

        Wow so beautiful. The scale look was the best tip I’ve seen to really get that mermaid look.

      • Quynn Larsen

        Heather Hester

        Love the look!!!

      • Quynn Larsen

        Omayra Velez

        Love it!!!!! 🥰

      • Quynn Larsen


        Most likely… I can’t imagine Little Mermaid as anything but redhair. The live performance featured Arial as a redhead.

      • Quynn Larsen

        Heather Greys

        cool idea!

      • Quynn Larsen

        Keli Broders

        Love this

      • Quynn Larsen


        Cool idea!

      • Quynn Larsen


        Awsome ideas got to try for birthday in April! Thanks for the great ideas

      • Quynn Larsen

        Sherquita Redden


      • Quynn Larsen

        Rebecca Brown

        I am so in love with this idea! We cant wait to try it here at our house! Love love love it!!!

      • Quynn Larsen

        Kelli Witt

        I love the idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Quynn Larsen


        thanks for all the tips. i know the granddaughters will love looking like mermades!!!!

      • Quynn Larsen

        Dana Morriss

        My granddaughter loved this video thank u for the makeup tips for her

      • Quynn Larsen

        Ashley Hart

        Love this! So pretty

      • Quynn Larsen

        Kimberly N J


      • Quynn Larsen

        Alyssa Snyder

        Absolutely cute! My daughter loves this idea!

      • Quynn Larsen

        Candace Buckler

        Soooo cute. Thank you for the tip

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