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Kids Fall Fashion

Tiffany Larsen| 17 Aug, 2020

Fall is our favorite time of the year! Kids fashion around this time is always fun, fresh and unique. With so many holidays rolled all up into one fun season, there’s something for everyone for every occasion at Sparkle In Pink! This year, we’re focusing on making adorable and affordable outfits that make sense indoors and on Zoom, as well as some fun pieces for outside time.

Kids Fall Clothing Essentials

Our fall clothing essentials can’t be beat on quality for price! We believe kids clothes should be adorable AND affordable this fall. Our selection of fall clothing essentials can be mixed and matched to make her outfit pop! For back to school to grandma's Thanksgiving table, there’s something for everyone.

Kids Fall Jackets

Zoey Fall Leaves Ruffle Jacket

Jackets are the essential fall addition to any little closet. With so many options to choose from, our fall jackets and vests make the perfect addition to any little outfit and are great for fall strolls in the park, as a throw-over for back to school, or trick-or-treating.

The real winner? Fall vests! They’re back and bigger than ever! Our gorgeous fringed vests look great with any outfit, and are one of our best sellers. Looking for something a little warmer? Nothing says “attitude” more than an adorable cheetah print vest - There’s even one for mom! 

Dress any of our jackets up with a kids dress and accessories, or dress it down with a pair of fall inspired leggings. One thing’s for sure, she’ll be cozy and warm all fall long in a Sparkle in Pink jacket or vest.

Kids Beanies & Scarves

Wool Plaid Scarves

No fall outfit is complete without adding a beanie and kids scarf for good measure! As the temperature starts to wind down, there’s really nothing left to do but snuggle up with a comfy beanie and head on out into the world. Our kids beanies and scarves are designed with little heads in mind, and are oh-so-fashionable, you’ll want every design in every color!

Our beanies come in a classic pom pom style for those fashionista moments or a standard beanie for when she just has to run. There’s something for every activity level!

Scarves are winning this fall season! With something for mom and bubs, you’ll both look incredible in an adorable, affordable, Sparkle in Pink scarf! Pair any of our scarves with a fall fashion essential for the ultimate fall-into-the-leaves look.

Pumpkin Themed Clothing

Orange Plaid Pumpkin Top

It’s not fall unless there’s pumpkins on everything, and we’ve made no exception with our pumpkin themed kids clothing. From kids dresses to socks and hair bows, you can dress up your little pumpkin top to toe in pumpkin apparel. Our best selling pumpkin dresses go perfectly with her pumpkin-spice attitude - sweet and sassy. Try out a pumpkin dress or kids outfit for your next family gathering - grandma is sure to love these classic dresses, your little one will love the cute designs, and you’re going to love our prices! At Sparkle in Pink, our motto is “adorable made affordable”. You guessed it! There’s a pumpkin themed kids outfit to match every budget!

Kids Fall Dresses

Dresses might not be the first thing you think of when you hear “kids fall fashion”, but we’re here to tell you that there’s plenty of reason to get dressed up this fall! Back to school, Thanksgiving, Halloween, looking cute everyday - there’s always something going on where a dress is the perfect choice

Back To School Dresses

Black Pen & Heart Dress

It’s time to get back into the school habit! Summer break is over and schools in, and that means new, fresh school clothes! Just because it’s fall, doesn’t mean dresses are out! These adorable back to school dresses are perfect to wear with leggings and a pair of active shoes. The cute pencil prints are a real best seller, bringing a sweet and casual look to her wardrobe. For speedy morning routines, most of our fall dresses can be pulled on! No zips, no buttons, all easy to wear, easy to wash styles. Fall fashion means adding a fun back to school hair bow to the mix.

Kids Halloween Themed Dresses

Tie Dye Ghost Bell Sleeve Dress

Something spooky this way comes! Just kidding, it’s just your “spooky” little shadow in a fabulous kids halloween themed dress. It doesn’t need to be Halloween for kids to rock these adorable themed dresses! Start early and get her into our best selling tie-dyed ghost dress. You can’t go wrong with something a little bit more spooky in fall. From jack-o-lanterns to ghosts to little black cats, there’s a halloween themed dress for every little pumpkin. From long sleeved kids dresses to short sleeve, fall dresses are an essential part of your little one’s closet.

Kids Pumpkin Themed Dresses

Fall Pumpkin & Succulent Bell Sleeve Dress

We’ve all been there, it’s time to go out and visit family and our little one wants to be a pumpkin. No? Not all of us? Just me? Ok, well, I know my child loves anything with pumpkins on it, so the Sparkle in Pink pumpkin themed dress collection hits just the right spot. There’s classic Halloween pumpkin designs, artistic pumpkin dresses with long sleeves, and adorable pumpkin dress prints, it’ll feel like your child’s closet is a pumpkin patch! Our pumpkin themed kids dresses are great for the rough and tumble of fall weather -  they’re slip on, meaning you can get out the door and get to trick-or-treating quicker this year.

Kids Fall Accessories

Fall accessories look a little different this year, but they’re still the same Sparkle in Pink quality you love. Once you’ve got your beanie and your scarf, level up her look with these fall accessory essentials!

Reusable Kids Face Masks

Sequin Face Masks

Our number one best seller this year! Our incredibly talented team has been sourcing the best kids face masks - ones for mom and dad too - to keep you and your family safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Fashion forward (as always) our masks come in sparkly sequins, tie-dye, and plain black (for the high fashion amongst us). Made in adult and children’s sizes, this is the number one accessory you need this fall. Cooler weather can mean higher infection rates, meaning we all have to do our part by wearing masks - why not make them adorable?

With adjustable straps and a comfortable fit for long term use, these masks can be washed again and again for continued use. All our masks come with an activated carbon filter to assist in filtering out potential hazards.

Halloween Hair Bows

Witch Pumpkin Bow

Hair bows can make or break an outfit! Pumpkin-spice up your hair kids fall outfit with a wonderful selection of hair bows! Our favorites are the Halloween themed hair bows that make it pop. From scary ghosts to adorable little pumpkins, our kids hair bows are perfect for any little fall outfit.

Kids Shoes for Fall

Shoes make an outfit! Shoes in fall are so important, keeping little feet dry and warm is key to happy, healthy little guys.

Rain Boots

Exclusive Boots


Our Sparkle in Pink rubber rain boots are the best fall shoes! Your little one will step into rainy days in comfort and style with our SIP Exclusive Boots. Tough shoes for a tough days work, our rubber boots look cute even if it isn’t raining. Run, jump, and slide into puddles, and these shoes will keep those little toes soft and dry. Wear these rain boots rain, hail, or shine over jeans, under dresses, or paired with adorable shorts - the perfect outfit for pumpkin picking.

Kids Slippers

Fuzzy Slippers

Step her wardrobe up in style with our adorable kids slippers, made especially for fall! In a wide variety of colors and styles, these fuzzy little slingback kids slippers are the best way to keep indoor shoes looking fly this fall. Our slippers add a fun pop to her footwear, and have a rubber outsole for grip! The perfect stay-at-home and snuggle shoe has arrived! Pro tip! Pair these with her PJs for the sweetest bundle of cuddles you’ve ever seen.

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    These New Fall Arrivals are everything! Being able to buy two of each to match because of twin girls, that’s a huge plus for us especially when we are trying to get them new outfits, this is a site that helps make boutique styled outfits for my littles affordable! They just have to match! Even better when they can match with mama 🥰I just wish there were ‘Twin Sets’ like some of the other sites to make it easier.

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