Harley Quinn & Joker Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Quynn Larsen| 19 Aug, 2018

We are so excited to launch our custom Harley Quinn and Joker Inspired Costumes!  You can find all great costumes from Sparkle In Pink here!

We had many requests for us to do a tutorial on the hair and makeup we did in the pictures, so here it is! These costumes were so fun and super easy to do for an affordable price!

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Harley Quinn

The Joker

Hair & Makeup For a Kids Harley Quinn and The Joker:

1. Colored hair spray

 2. Face paint - You really only need white since the rest is done with eyeshadow.

3. Black liquid eyeliner- any will work!

4. Black, blue, red eyeshadow- you can find cheap ones at walmart.

4. Red Lipstick

Harley Quinn Kids Costume Tutorial:

Harley Quinn Kids Hair Tutorial

  1. We first put the models hair in high side pigtails.
  2. We then did loose curls with a 1" curling wand.
  • We recommend curling the hair once it's in the pigtails since it's a lot faster that way.
  • We used temporary red & blue colored hair spray from walmart, and sprayed the ends of the hair about half way up.
  • We used a plastic bag to tie around her to avoid getting on clothes. I would also spray outside. 
  • The hair washed out super easy when we were done with no problems!
  • To finish off the hair we used our 4 inch red and royal blue bows for the pigtails.

Harley Quinn's Makeup For Kids

We got our face paint off amazon in a kit, but you really only need white which we also found at walmart for cheap.

  1. We used a sponge to apply the white face paint leaving a little space around the eyes.
  2. Once that was done we used red and blue eyshadow to place on the eyelids and a little under the eye coming down in a "V" shape.
  3. We then used our liquid black eyeliner and drew a heart on the cheek.
  • We found the eyeliner a lot easier to work with than paint for this.
  • To finish off the look we used red lipstick.

Kid's Harley Quinn Props

We got red & blue ribbon at walmart and taped them together and tied in the back of the neck to create the matching choker. We also got a light wood bat at dicks sporting goods for $15 and used that same red and blue ribbon to tie around the ends of the bat.

The Joker Kids Costume Tutorial

The Joker Makeup for Kids

  1. We used the same white face paint as Harley Quinn (you can get at walmart for cheap) and used a makeup sponge to paint the face white, leaving a space around the eyes.
  2. Once that is complete we used black eyeshadow around the eyes.
  • We found black eyeshadow to be best instead of paint so it didn't irritate the eyes and gave more of a soft look.
  • We then used red eyeshadow to extend the mouth, and liked eyeshadow best for this as well to give it a softer look. 
  • If you want more of a bold look you could use face paint. 

The Joker Kids Hair Tutorial

  1. We spiked the hair a litte to the side
  2. We used florescent green temporary hair spray (we got at walmart for cheap) and sprayed it all over the hair.
  • We recommend using a plastic big garbage bag to cover the clothes while doing this. Also spray outside! The hair spray washed out super easy when we were done with no problems!

We got the black pants at walmart for under $10 to pair with the top. 

We hope this tutorial helped! Leave a comment with your favorite tip, or if you have any questions we are happy to help! :)

Love, Sparkle In Pink

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  • Quynn Larsen

    How Do You Quinn

    Make up

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  • Quynn Larsen


    So bad ass!

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  • Quynn Larsen

    Mercedez Carr

    My 5 year old loved this costume fit halloween! The material is great quality! And the tutu was perfect!!

  • Quynn Larsen

    Chassidy Moore

    Super cute 💞

  • Quynn Larsen


    Super Cute

  • Quynn Larsen


    Where do I get the socks for Harley Quinn?

  • Quynn Larsen

    sara betancourt

    Nice, but for people with the darker hair color i dont think it will show as vivid as the picture with the green spray, another option can be either buy a green halloween wig and spike it up too with products or buy a cheap blonde costume wig from walmart and spray it also with the green and with the girl buy strans of hair color and clip them on or another cheap blonde costume wig from walmart you can cut strans off and hot glue on small clips and spray it with red and blue and clip on hair of pony tail.

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