Great Kids Halloween Ideas: A Distanced Halloween at Home

Tiffany Larsen| 30 Sep, 2020

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year! It’s going to be a little different this year, with some areas taking the extra step in safety and advising against trick or treating. That’s not stopping us from getting dressed up and doing some fun, at home halloween activities. 

Being 6 feet away doesn’t mean you need to stop the decoration and costume design! We’ll go over the essential kids Halloween costumes that you’re loving, some ways to decorate the house in the spooky spirit, and we even have a fun craft that’ll help you give out candy with no risk! 

Kids Halloween Costumes

Not to brag, but our kids Halloween costumes this year are our best yet! We know fall is cooler, so all of our costumes can be dressed up with a fun Sparkle In Pink jacket and boots for the ultimate costume!

Reusable Kids Face Masks 

The number one accessory this year? It’s a gorgeous glittery face mask! For each costume below, we’ll recommend a face mask to match! We want all our little zombies to feel safe and confident when they’re going out to ask for delicious brains - whoops, I meant candy. 

Our kids face masks are reusable and washable for continued use, and have a slip for a filter when necessary. They’re super comfy and can be adjusted to fit perfectly over your nose and mouth. There’s even larger ones for mom and dad!

Tiger Tutu Costume

The queen of the jungle has arrived! This 5 piece kids Halloween tiger costume is one of our fan favorites! The ultra soft material means it’ll be comfortable all night long, and the pull on style is perfect for easy dressing. And don’t worry - the kitty ears, tutu, tail, and leg warmers are all part of this five piece set! All you’ll need is a pair of Sparkle In Pink boots to keep her feet toasty on a cold fall night.

Try an orange face mask to match the adorable outfit and keep her safe!

Kids Unicorn Costume

Do your little ones love unicorns as much as mine do? Then this kids unicorn costume is the outfit for them this Halloween! The soft top and fluffy tulle skirt are easy to layer and look absolutely adorable! The colorful designs are breathable and match with almost any kids jacket in the Sparkle In Pink collection! This set comes with a matching headband & wings and can be paired with our matching bows for the perfect look! Pair this outfit with our rainbow face mask for a mystical look!

Dress it up with matching skirts or keep it casual with stretchy jeans or leggings. These trendy hoodies come in a wide variety of adult and kid sizes, so it’s easy to find your perfect fit.

Kids Ice Princess Costume

The kids Ice Princess costume is a classic! For the first time in forever she’ll be so excited to dress up for Halloween! She’ll not want to let it go in this gorgeous, blue dress with matching gloves and cape. The long sleeve design with a fluffy neckline will keep her warm all night. Add the accessories for a real complete costume that’ll prove that some things never change!

Pair this special sparkly costume with our White Face Mask for a frosty look that’ll never get old.

Kids Bumble Bee Costume

This adorable Kids Bumble Bee costume is the perfect simple costume that’ll have her buzzing! This 3 piece set can also be paired with any fun Halloween jewelry and booties for a complete outfit. This set comes with top, skirt & headband and is ultra soft for maximum comfort. Pair this costume with a matching Gold Face Mask for the ultimate safe Halloween costume!

Mom & Me - '80s Workout Costume

This very active and sporty Mom & Me 80s Workout costume is just what you need for your Halloween 80s night! Olivia-Newton John would be proud of this matching Halloween costume. This set can be styled with a simple crew neck long sleeve crop top, blue neon leggings, and tank leotard. This set also comes with matching neon green "work it" headband, wristbands, & leg warmers for the perfect 80's look! The breathable fabric makes for cool and comfy wear, while the pull-on style allows for simple dressing. Pair this costume with a matching Mint Face Mask for the ultimate safe Halloween costume!

Mario & Luigi Matching Kids Costumes

Yes, mustaches included! It’s a-me, a-Mario and Luigi! Just kidding, it’s the perfect BFF or sister matching costume! These matching girls costumes are styled with a simple crew neck & long sleeves making them a staple addition to her Halloween or dress up wear. Each set comes with a matching hat and mustache for the perfect set!

Pair this costume with a matching Red or Blue Face Mask for the ultimate safe Halloween costume!

Kids Pirate Costume

AHOY MATEYS! Watch your loot very carefully, this pirate is on your tail and ready for some tricks (OK, maybe some treats too please!) Yo Ho! This pirate halloween costume comes with a matching pirate hat & can be paired with our pirate tights for the perfect pirate look! Halloween never looked so spooky!

Pair this costume with a matching Silver Face Mask for the ultimate safe Halloween costume.

Kids Bat Costume

Is it a bird? A plane? NO! IT’S A SPOOKY BAT! The ultimate halloween costume for kids is not a ghost, it’s a bat - are you a vampire bat or just a regular ol fruit bat - terrifying! This girls' costume is styled with a long sleeve winged jacket with a fur hood making it a staple addition to her Halloween or dress up wear. This bat costume set comes with matching black ribbed leggings for the perfect look!

Pair this costume with a matching Black Face Mask for the safest Halloween costume.

Socially Distanced Halloween Decorations

Just because we’re all celebrating Halloween from 6 feet away, that doesn’t mean you can’t still decorate your home! We have some awesome ideas on how you can create a fun, socially distanced Halloween decor to add to your already scarily-decorated yard that’ll be spooky, but not so spooky for trick or treaters!

Set up Spooky Drive-By Tables!

This amazing idea from Olivia Albers at Fun365 gives us serious goose-bumps (in a good way)! Keep kids away from the front door by setting up drive-by candy collection stations in your driveway or on your porch! Decorate them in whatever theme seems most appropriate. Create some trick-or-treat kits that keeps candy-handling to a minimum and all kids get a fun size selection of candy. Coordinate with other families on your street to make it a kid-friendly block party!

Pumpkin Carving Competition

Good news for all you pumpkin fans, pumpkin carving is a great social-distance-friendly event that’ll get the spooky season started! The CDC even approves it as a low-risk activity!

“These lower risk activities can be safe alternatives: Carving or decorating pumpkins with members of your household and displaying them. Carving or decorating pumpkins outside, at a safe distance, with neighbors or friends”.

From experience, Target has the best pumpkin carving kit for kids. The one we bought was four dollars and had tools and a set of designs - so we bought multiple for some friends and threw a safe, socially distanced pumpkin carving contest with masks - spoilers, everyone won! (This one's even fun for mom and dad!)

Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

It wouldn’t be a Sparkle In Pink post without a fun craft to do! We had so many ideas and suggestions on what a fun kids craft for Halloween could be, we almost did them all! But we made a decision - This year, we’ll be making Ghost Garlands to drape around our pumpkins!

Paper Ghost Garlands

This was a favorite! We wanted something easy and low cost that’ll still keep the kids busy for a few hours. After we finished up, we made some fun candy grab bags - we used candy corn, but we advise using wrapped candy for Halloween for safety purposes - and we’re using this for our little socially distanced Halloween set up!


  • Paper (any color, we stuck with white) - The bigger the better!!
  • A Marker (we used a Sharpie)
  • A Pencil
  • Scissors
  • String/Twine/Sticky-tape
  • Paint - We used this Washable Kids Paint from Target
  • A Paintbrush
  • Any accessories for your ghost
    • Glue
    • Googly eyes
    • String
    • Stickers
    • Anything you can glue on to make it extra spooky

Process - Ghost Garland

  1. Fold the paper long ways into the desired height of the ghost - I recommend going a little thicker than you would think.
  2. Cut along the folds
  3. Fold the thin piece of paper in half. Unfold
  4. Fold the bottom half in half to the centre line. Unfold. Repeat on other side
  5. Refold paper like an accordion.
  6. On the top square, draw an outline of a ghost (you could really use any shape, but we chose ghosts). Make sure the edges touch the side of the square.
  7. Cut along the outline but do NOT cut along the edges - this will help keep the line together.
  8. Unfold! 
  9. Repeat with as many strips of paper as you’d like!
  10. To link together, poke a hole in either side of the ghost line and tie a piece of string between them. Alternatively, you can use tape or a sticker (we used both!)

Get Sparkly this Spooky Season

There’s so much to do this Halloween, we’re positive you’ll find the best way to safely celebrate with your family. Remember, wear a mask, wash your hands, and try not to get spooked!

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    My granddaughter wants to be a “baticorn” for halloween. The bat costume with the black and orange unicorn headband would be perfect! Thanks, SIP! For our social distancing halloween night we are having a halloween movie night under the stars for friends and family plus provide treats, and maybe some tricks…

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    These are all cute!! I know it may be late but for Halloween this year I bought mini glow sticks and pumpkin containers that open up like Easter eggs :) we’re going to have a pumpkin hun in our costumes in the yard :)

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