Best Mother Daughter Matching Sweaters for 2021

Tiffany Larsen| 03 Nov, 2020

You can be chic in matching clothes in fall, too. Matching sweaters are oh so cute! And matching sweaters with mommy is the most adorable thing you can do for you and your child’s style. Matching sweaters are the best way to show off your fantastic style and ever growing child’s wardrobe - and it’ll help you grow your own wardrobe (not a bad side benefit!) We had so many matching mommy and me sweaters that we just HAD to highlight some of our favorites. Tell us which ones you love below!

This sweater weather season will be the cutest yet!

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What to Look for in Kids Fall Sweaters

Fall sweaters are always in fashion, no matter how old you are. Fall is a magical season, and there’s always a touch of spice in the air, but it can get a little chilly out there. Fall sweaters are the essential addition to any kids wardrobe and can add much needed comfort and easy layering options for any day. There are some things to consider before buying a sweater, whether it’s for you or your babies: 

  1. 1. Warmth - First and foremost, sweaters should be cozy and warm! That’s their key feature. Look for sweaters that are mostly polyester, lined sweaters obviously trap more heat, but don’t be afraid to layer cute sweaters too!
  2. 2. Layering potential - We LOVE a layered look! Size one size up to layer other tees and tank tops underneath to truly keep her bundled. Even in our mommy sizing, size up to get comfy and wrap yourself up in a comfy matching set.
  3. 3. Comfort -Look, we all know that fall is about comfort, cookies, and bonfires. Look for soft materials like polyester, wool, and elastic to keep it comfy and casual.
  4. 4. Their favorite colors - Everyone has an opinion, even the littlest of us. Ask her what her favorite colors are, and if she has any design preferences. There’s so much to choose from, she’ll be much happier in something she loves over something she has to be forced into.

Tips to Keep Kids Warm in the Fall

It’s no secret, no one loves being cold. We’ve put together a few ways to keep you and your kids warm during fall, whether you’re at a pumpkin patch, picking apples, or sitting by the fire.

  1. 1. Keep dry -The number one way to keep warm during fall is to keep dry. Be sure to come prepared for the day with extra socks and a pair of boots.
  2. 2. Layer up - Layers on layers! Kids are going to run and jump and play, so be sure to add some base layers so she can take off her sweater to keep her comfy.
  3. 3. Watch the weather -Fall weather is unpredictable, and puddles can be everywhere. Rain, snow, or shine, there’s a little bit of everything in fall. So be sure to bring jackets, extra socks, and other warm items.
  4. 4. Listen to your kiddo - No one knows more about their body than your baby. Be sure to not just listen to what they’re saying, but watch their body language and how they react to the clothing you put on.

Mommy and Me Matching Sweaters

Our mommy and me collection is a fan favorite. With so many options for fall, we couldn’t resist showing you our spectacular collection of mommy and me matching sweaters. 

Mom and Me Distressed Leopard Hoodies

This gorgeous Leopard Print hoodie is the perfect addition to any outfit and works well with everything! The allover cheetah print is very trendy and is all the rage. Soft material means easy to wear status - hello tv nights! Pair this hoodie with adorable pants or leggings for her, and a fabulous pair of jeans for you!

"Pumpkin Everything" Matching Tie Dye Pullovers

This is the definition of fall. This mom and kids pumpkin pullover works wonderfully for all your fall adventures - from Starbucks to the pumpkin patch! The tie-dye design is on trend and in style, and pair that with the cutest “pumpkin everything” decal, you’ve got a sweet sweater look! Add a pair of kids booties and a pair of knee highs, and you’re ready to pick some pumpkins, mom and me style.

Camo Cardigans

Talk about style! Not all cardigans need to be orange this fall. This camo mom and me cardigan is great for those transitional seasons, and even makes a great add for winter. A trendy print with ultra soft material means she’s going to love every minute of wearing it, and it looks just as good on mom. The open front design is great for layering and is super cozy!

"Mama & Mini" Raspberry Rose Sweaters

Mama and Mini sweatshirts means serious twinning winning! Match with your little one in our "Mama & Mini" Raspberry Rose Tops. These sweaters feature long sleeves and a fun mama and mini saying embossed on the front. Longer sleeves and a comfy interior means she’s warm and comfortable when she’s outside, and cozy indoors.

Pink & Orange Matching Lounge Hoodies

Fun and fashionable, these pink and orange hoodies make a great sunday snooze outfit for mom and baby! The perfect fall sweater, these hoodies are wonderful for mom and keep baby warm and cozy. Ultra soft material for comfort & ease, mom and me is the best way to get comfy this season. Mix & match these sweaters with kids pants or mom jeans to create many different looks for different events.

"Navy Blue Floral & Stripes Turtleneck Tops

Turtlenecks aren’t just for The Rock - they’re very much back in fashion and ready to work it this fall. The long sleeve turtleneck looks great on mom and kids! The floral pattern is perfect for fall and makes a wonderful statement sweater. The ultra soft material means comfort & ease for everyone. Pair with a cute simple beanie and some leggings for an instant outfit.

Mix and Match Mom at Sparkle In Pink with a Fall Sweater!

Fall is upon us and we love a good sweater. Our mommy and me collection is so large, you’ll find something for every day of the year. These adorable matching sweaters for mom and daughter are a great start to your matching wardrobes! All made with soft, breathable fabric, there’s flexibility for fall and the warmth you need for winter. 

Shop the rest of our mom and me sweaters collection today!

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