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Best Kids Boots For Winter

Tiffany Larsen| 03 Dec, 2020

Our Winter boots are a staple for any kids outfit this holiday season. There are some amazing boots available on Sparkle In Pink, but what should you look out for when you’re looking for winter boots?

Things to Look for in Kids Winter Boots


Warmth is key! Adding a couple of sock layers to your little one’s tootsies is the best way to keep them warm, but having a layered shoe is helpful for outside activities. Look out for shoes with lining, high ankles, and try to buy a little bigger for extra sock layers.


While we love a kids closet exploding with shoes, we also know how important versatility is. The ability for kids winter shoes to go from inside to outside to inside again is crucial. Look out for rubber or waterproof materials and easy to wear zips and pull on tabs.


Waterproof and water resistant kids shoes are a MUST for winter. With snow and rains coming down heavy this year, it’s so important to keep your child’s feet warm and dry. Look for rubber and waterproof materials, rubber outsoles, and soles with grip for the best waterproof kids shoes.

Best Boots For All Seasons - But Especially Cool Ones

Time to lace up (or rather, zip and pull up) those boots! Kids winter boots don’t have to be boring to be effective. We have a selection of kids boots for any occasion - from movie night to jumping in puddles. They’re going to love their new Sparkle In Pink shoes!

Best All Rounders - Premium Exclusive Kids Rain Boots

Who said rainy days have to be sad? These kids rain boots bring style and functionality to her rainy weather wear. Durable and textured, these kids boots are made for adventurous explorers to conquer any weather event! Mid calf length and all-over black means these rain boots can be paired with anything - from skirts and kids dresses to leggings and kids jeans. Spend the day outside any day with these adorable wet weather booties!

Best Kids Winter Boots - Snakeskin Winter Boots

Sometimes, you need a little extra shoe coverage. Our kids winter boots are flying off the shelves! They have that classic winter boot style for ultimate seasonality. The durable construction, textured sole, and above ankle length design is perfect to keep those little toes warm no matter what the weather! The rubber base means no more wet socks on snowy days! And don’t worry, mom - they also come in your size too!

Best Kids Indoor Shoes - Fuzzy Faux Fur Boots

Not planning on moving much this winter? Us too! That’s why we’re obsessed with these kids fuzzy boots, perfect for wearing around the house and keeping warm all day long. Add a little pop of color with our pink design, or keep it classic with a pair of black fuzzy kids. Even though these are kids indoor shoes, they still come with a gripped outsole, meaning there’s no Tom Cruise-esque sliding around the living room. Whether hanging around the house or hanging out at a sleepover, she'll love giving her relaxed looks a fun touch with our fuzzy boots.

Best Shoes For School - Shimmer Booties

Add a little spice to her wardrobe with a pair of cute shimmer booties for kids! These dazzling kids boots are perfect for every day wear, and make any outfit special with a little sparkle. With easy zips for on and off and rubber outsole for grip, there’s no mountain she can’t climb and no jungle gym she can’t conquer. Keep her feet comfy with these practical insoles and keep it on trend with gold or silver to choose from.

Shop Your Pick at Sparkle In Pink!

So there you have it! Our best kids boots for winter all wrapped up. Try a pair for your little ones today! Sparkle In Pink has a huge variety of kids shoes and a selection of high quality socks to go with them, so don’t forget to keep warm with our selection!

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  • Tiffany Larsen


    I can not wait for you guys to get the black rubber boots back!!! Cant wait to order my little girl some !!

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    Clear rainboots with colorful socks are a great idea!

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    Haley Bilodeau

    So cute!

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    Amber Raines

    Absolutely love the boots!

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    💕The black cheetah rainboots are to Cute! Wish you had adult sizes!

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    My daughter loves to wear her clear rainbow boots with her colorful socks.

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    Has super cute shoes !!!!!

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    I need these boots

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    Great read! My little one loves some boots!

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    So cute!!

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    This is a good post. Thank you!!!

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    Danielle Armijo

    Look like a good place to shop for my daughter

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    Cindy DiLe

    Placed an order for my granddaughter, can’t wait for it to arrive

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    Kelly Hannagan-Valore

    Just placed a large order & I can hardly wait to get it…🥰

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    Yessss!!!! Love these! 😍😍😍

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    Lacey Garrity

    I’ve had my eye on the black leopard print boots for a while!!! They’re soooo cute!!!

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    So cute!

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