Adorable Boot Easter Basket! 🐰💗

Diane Larsen| 19 Mar, 2021

Hi Sparklers!

Easter is around the corner, can you believe it? We are trying to get ahead of the curve and get a cute Easter basket idea put together early and you know what? They are probably our favorite Easter baskets we have ever put together and you know why? Because they are SIP Rain Boot Easter Baskets and they were not only easy to put together, they couldn’t be any cuter!

Sparkle In Pink Easter boot idea

I love adding creative spins to my kid's Easter baskets every year instead of giving them the traditional Easter wicker basket. This year I decided to use something that the kids needed and it included their favorite items from SIP with their favorite treats as well.



Our adorable SIP Rain Boot Easter Baskets feature our favorite SIP Boots. If you haven’t heard of our Rain Boots, you have now! They are the BEST rain boot for your little explorer and continue to be one of the best selling products at our store! Our exclusive rain boots come in a variety of colors and prints! You can see them all here, in our Exclusive SIP rain boot look book.

parkle In Pink Premium Exclusive Boots Glitter Rainbow

That’s right, your little one can rock these boots with any attire. They are perfect for any season or holiday.




Sparkle In Pink Easter rain boot fillers

All you need for this project is:




Cute kid's Easter rain boot basket idea

Really, you can use any kind of basket fillers you usually get your kids! Here are a few items we used:

Sparkle In Pink Easter rain boot filler ideas




Sparkle In Pink Easter rain boot grass filler

It’s so easy! Grab your pair of SIP rain boots and fill them with some Easter grass. Then fill your boots with whatever you’d like. We love using our necklaces, bows, sunglasses, socks and adding bubbles & chalk for some outdoor play and some Easter candy. I picked up candy and fillers that I usually do for Easter baskets. Then I simply filled the rain boots with Easter fun and popped in Easter grass as filler along the way. It took me only a few minutes to get everything that I wanted in the boots. I also stuffed some plastic Easter eggs inside the boot.

 Aren’t they just the cutest? 😍

And just think, when it’s all said and done…the treats have been opened and the candy eaten, you don’t have any baskets to store AND your kiddos have something they can use all spring long…doesn’t get better than that, my friends! 

 **This blog post GIVEAWAY will be winning this entire Rainboot Easter Basket with everything included!**

The WINNER is...

Autumn McCallister

Congratulations! Please email us at stating that you have won our Rainboot Easter Basket blog giveaway! 🙂


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  • Diane Larsen

    Jennifer J

    This idea absolutely adorable!!! I personally love to “think outside the box” when it comes to Easter for my daughter!
    Wonderful idea!!! I love it!!! ♥️

  • Diane Larsen

    Betty Robins

    I love this idea, I have 4 grand babies and 1 on the way. They would love this. And we get a lot of rain so boots are perfect. Do you have boy boots?

  • Diane Larsen

    Sherry Mot

    I will definitely be doing this for my granddaughter!

  • Diane Larsen


    Love everything! More gender neutral!

  • Diane Larsen


    This is such a cute idea😍

  • Diane Larsen

    Ashley Vallow


  • Diane Larsen


    I did this exact thing for Easter!

  • Diane Larsen

    Chelsea Pottorff

    This was such a cute Easter idea!

  • Diane Larsen

    Wilma L GRAHAM


  • Diane Larsen


    so cute

  • Diane Larsen

    Lisa-Michelle Coleman

    Love this idea!

  • Diane Larsen


    Such a cute idea!

  • Diane Larsen

    Tasha Titus

    I would like to see more pre teen sizes especially with the mom and me areas.

  • Diane Larsen


    Love the idea

  • Diane Larsen



  • Diane Larsen


    Love it! I would like to see more 12/14 options available for clothing!

  • Diane Larsen


    Super cute idea!

  • Diane Larsen

    Linda Duck

    Super Cute

  • Diane Larsen


    Great idea!

  • Diane Larsen

    Sarah Brockman

    Love these clothes!

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