8 Cozy Kid Sweaters & Vests for Fall & Winter 2022

Susan Staupe| 30 Oct, 2022

8 Cozy Kid Sweaters & Vests for Fall & Winter 2022

Chilly weather can come on suddenly, which means you and your kids will need some cozy clothing to keep you toasty. From adorable sweaters to puffy vests, we’ve laid out some of the most charming fall fashions for you and your kids to enjoy!

1. Matching Burgundy Colorblock Cardigan Sweaters

Whether you’re doing a photoshoot in a pumpkin patch or need a boutique look for Sunday brunch, these matching colorblock cardigans will hit the mark. The contemporary design instantly elevates any casual look and provides a clean and tailored fit.

Made with soft, breathable fabric, these surprisingly affordable sweaters are a dream to layer with other items in your closet. The understated tones will match any variety of outfits, giving you and your little girl a fall fashion staple for years to come. Pair them with some shiny metallic boots for a dazzling decorative accent. 

2. White Pom Pom Sweater

Your little girl will feel like a show-stopping figure skater in this festive pom pom sweater that comes in multiple colors. Perfect for fall or winter fashion, this adorable sweater for girls is soft to the touch and is available in multiple sizes.

The delicate, sweet design of this sweater makes it easy to transform from daily wear to special occasions. You can easily pair it with leggings or jeans for an everyday look, or dress it up with a charming chiffon skirt . For an extra touch of whimsy, accessorize it with some darling colorful bows !

3. Quilted Puffer Vest

Puffy vests for your children are a must-have for chilly weather. Our quilted puffer vest gives your daughter an added layer of warmth without overheating her during apple-picking season. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and is easy to zip up over any outfit.

The cushioned design provides just enough stretch for her to enjoy all her favorite outdoor activities. Whether she loves diving into a pile of colorful leaves or building snow forts, this vest gives your girl plenty of freedom to embrace her playful spirit.

Green & White plaid shacket - mommy and me matching

4. White & Green Plaid Shacket

Moms and their kiddos can live up the lumberjack vibes with these matching plaid shackets . The soft white and green plaid design creates an easygoing and idyllic look that’s perfect for a hike through the woods.

The thick flannel material will keep you warm and cozy as you collect the many colors of autumn and carve pumpkins. Each shacket is perfectly roomy for active afternoons and outdoor adventures. Keep it cozy with a matching soft beanie !

black and white checked mommy and me matching vest for fall

5. Twin Plaid & Orange Vest Set

Yes, the perfect matching fall outfits do exist! In tune with the season, these plaid and orange vest sets offer an outdoorsy aesthetic with just the right amount of chic. Made with soft fabric, this set is both lightweight and cozy for crisp, cool weather.

The bold orange top makes it easy to spot each other at holiday gatherings and autumn-themed festivals, so you’ll never lose track of your little one. Take the twinning up a notch with some snuggly matching beanies .

Mommy & Me matching cow print cardigans for Fall

6. Matching Cow Print Cardigans

These snazzy twin cow print cardigans offer a tasteful look with just the right amount of pizazz. Soft and plush, the colorblock pattern lets you style these adorable sweaters with any number of outfits already in your closet. For a sprinkle of elegance, try a comfy felt floppy hat

"Sweater Weather" cozy sweater for kids

7. "Sweater Weather" Pink Legging Set

Need a versatile outfit for multiple occasions? Then you’ll love this precious pink legging set that shimmers and shines for an ultra-feminine look. Cozy and cuddly, it’s perfect for school, playdates or weekend adventures!

Both the sweater and black leggings are soft and stretchy, making them ideal for your girl to romp around in. The leggings have printed distressed details on the front for a splash of charming attitude. Add some glam with a black pearl rose necklace , or make a statement with some matching pink sunnies !

Deluxe Tan faux fur vest for kids

7. Deluxe Tan Fur Vest

This spectacular tan fur vest will make your daughter feel like an adorable woodland creature and a trend-setting icon all at the same time. Created from soft, breathable cotton and stretchy spandex, this vest offers a cozy fit with plenty of room for playful movement.

Add it to almost any ensemble for a dash of unique flair while still keeping your daughter toasty warm during your fall activities. For some extra fun-filled flash, pair it with our cheerful fox socks !

Discover More Adorable Fall & Winter Fashion Items for Kids

From colorful ensembles to stylish accessories, we make it easy to find gorgeous closet staples that you can enjoy for years to come. Shop our many affordable and dazzling fashions for you and your kiddos today!

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