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4th of July Outfits and Activities for Kids



America themed outfits for the 4th of July

4th of July is just around the corner! And we know it’s going to be a big one this year. We’re spending the holiday on a boat, of course, especially because this year, it’s on a Sunday! We would love to hear what you’re doing to celebrate this great country. We’re so excited to share our 4th of July outfits and celebrate patriotism with you!

What does the 4th of July celebrate? 

The History

4th of July celebrates the date of American Independence. It’s also called Independence Day and it commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence from the British Empire by the US Congress of 1776. While the date of the independence vote was carried out on July 2, it wasn’t until July 4 that the process of crafting and finalizing the Declaration of Independence was complete. 

Even though the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, the new country had to fight it’s way to true independence from the British, something that was not achieved until 1783, when the Treaty of Paris was signed by representatives for King George III, and the American party of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay. That treaty was ratified by the US Congress of the Confederation on January 14th, 1748

However, despite all that, we celebrate July the 4th as our day of Independence because it’s the day America came together to create a free and independent society. In 1776 and through the end of the Revolutionary War, people celebrated July the 4th by holding mock funerals for King George, hosting concerts, going to bonfires, throwing parades, and listening to readings of the Declaration of Independence. Although all this celebration was going on, the 4th of July wasn’t an official holiday until after the Battle of Yorktown. Ever since, we celebrate much the same way - except the mock funerals of course!

How to talk to your kids about the 4th of July

OK that’s a lot for a little kid to understand! Let’s break it down.

4th of July is all about celebrating the freedom we have and recognizing that freedom is always worth fighting for. America is built on the freedom to choose and the freedom to be who you are shamelessly!

The most important thing to tell your kids on the 4th of July is that freedom only works when everyone is free, so it’s important to be nice and always be listening to their heart.

4th of July outfits for kids

To celebrate our amazing country, we have a couple outfits planned for you and your little ones!

Family American Aviators & Lips Short Sleeve Top

Responsive Image

Even dad can get in on this action! With matching family shirts for your Fourth of July barbecue, there’s nothing that screams “I’M AN AMERICAN” more than aviators and an American flag kiss. Talk about Top Gun vibes! Match with your little ones - boys and girls tees make a whole family look fresh this summer! These tops feature short sleeves and a fun vintage aviator or lips design on the front. In a versatile print, this top is made from soft and breathable fabric that will keep you comfy during all adventures. 

Mom & Me - "All American Girl & Mama" Tank Top

Responsive Image

There’s nothing like matching your little one’s style with a fun, printed shirt! These All-American Mama and Girl shirts are perfect for family pics in the morning, and translate so well with any activity you’re doing on the 4th! These tops feature tank sleeves and are soft and breathable in every way, perfect for hot days in the sun - just remember to get that sunscreen!

Stars & Stripes Soft Denim Suspender Skirt Set

Responsive Image

Don’t you just want to sing “stars and stripes forever” when you look at this adorable patriotic skirt and shirt set for kids? The faux denim is light and airy, perfect for hot days, and the shirt can be matched with any kids bottoms for a fun, America focused look! The little pockets are great for snacks, sunglasses, or whatever she needs for the day! Pair it with adorable star adorned hair bows for the ultimate look. The allover red, white, and blue print is patriotic and lightweight, meaning you won’t need to pack her an extra shirt on a hot day. 

Matching Family & Pet Tops- Tie Dye Flag

Responsive Image

Talk about trendy! These tie-dye flag shirts scream “America” and will make an awesome family pic at your barbecue, with dog included! This versatile printed shirt for all sizes is made from soft and breathable fabric that will keep you comfy all day long.

Stars & Stripes Tank Romper

Responsive Image

Everyone knows a one piece kids romper is a one piece outfit! This Stars and Stripes kids romper is light, airy, and perfect for outdoor activities this Fourth of July. This print pattern brightens up every room and is perfect for warm weather activities. Run, jump, skip, slide, and climb in this versatile romper - pair with a couple trendy bows for the ultimate activity ensemble. 

Exciting 4th of July activities for kids

Straw rockets

Everyone loves a tag game - These straw rockets are perfect for any games you want to play on the 4th of July and are so fun (and easy!) to make! They’re easy to make, clean up, and set up, and are great for some low impact celebrations or high impact activities like laser tag (well, paper tag). We loved this idea from Simple Play Ideas.

What you’ll need:

  • Straws
  • Printer paper (light-weight paper)
  • Tape (or glue)
  • Scissors

How to Make a Straw Rocket:

  1. Cut pieces of 2” by 4” white paper to be your “rocket”. Note - these do not have to be exact at all! 
  2. Decorate! It’s time to get those crayons and markers out! There’s no limit to what you can create on these rockets. We recommend a red, white, and blue theme, of course. Add a little glitter if you’re adventurous, and you’re ready to put it all together.
  3. Roll that paper strip around the straw, with the short sides at the top and bottom, the long sides on the sides.
  4. Glue or tape the roll along the edge.
  5. Extend the paper over the edge and fold down the top to cover the top. You can do this by folding it down the edge, or squishing it at the top to create a seal.
  6. Put the paper tube on the straw and blow!

We recommend making lots of these to have in their little arsenal! You can race them, aim them, play tag, and even try to blow multiple rockets at once!

How to Make a Straw Rocket. Great for a rainy day!


Check out our whole 4th of July collection for your kids next patriotic outfit!

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  • Tiffany Larsen


    Got my girls 4th of July dresses from sparkle in pink and they were the cutest kids in the parade😍😍

  • Tiffany Larsen


    I love all the patriotic options!! Super cute outfits!

  • Tiffany Larsen


    I love all of the options! So so cute!

  • Tiffany Larsen

    Rasheka Moore

    Love the different red white & blue especially the tie dye 😍

  • Tiffany Larsen

    Tearia Baker

    I love all of the patriotic options! So cute!!! 😱

  • Tiffany Larsen

    Emily Perkins

    So cute!

  • Tiffany Larsen


    LOVED this blog! The 4th of July is our favorite and SIP never disappoints with the cute clothes! I have already ordered about 5 4th of July outfits for my daughter because I can not choose! :)

  • Tiffany Larsen


    I absolutely love what you said about freedom. “Freedom doesn’t work if everyone isn’t free.”

    It’s definitely more fun to celebrate in SIP too! 🎉

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  • Laura :

    Got my girls 4th of July dresses from sparkle in pink and they were the cutest kids in the parade😍😍

  • Laura :

    I love all the patriotic options!! Super cute outfits!

  • Laura :

    I love all of the options! So so cute!