August 06, 2015




What you will need:

1. Super Hero felt mask & tutu- ORDER HERE

2. Glitter Fabric Glue

3. Felt stars (if you want to add for wonder woman) and rhinestones (if you want for super girl) and felt spiders (if you want to add for spider girl) You can purchase from a local craft store, or cut some out of felt.

(Please note- these are pictures of our old masks from last year, so you can tweak these steps for our new updated masks. We simply love adding the glitter glue on for that extra BLING!) 


We used the fine tip on the fabric paint bottle to embellish around the eyes

*For the spider girl just draw some silver glitter web lines around the mask.

*For the super girl just draw some "swirls" with silver glitter glue and glue on some rhinestones if you desire for that extra touch.

The perfect custom bling super hero mask!



The girls had such an amazing time running around and taking pictures in these costumes!



 We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! - Love the SIP team :)

October 01, 2014


September 24, 2014


Super Hero Tutu Tutorial


Here at Sparkle in Pink we love coming up with creative Halloween costumes.

This year, the girls wanted to dress up as super heroes, and we wanted to make it a little more sparkly!

We made some tutus to match our already adorable Super Hero Capes that you can purchase here:

 For the tutu we used the following items. We found all of it at our local craft store.

You will need:

Tulle (we prefer using the tulle by the roll)

Scissors or a rotary cutter\

3/4” Elastic

Measuring Tape

Ruler or Straight Edge

Needle and Thread or Glue Gun (not pictured)

Step 1

Measure your little girls’ waistband and minus 3”. This will be the length you need to cut your elastic. Our little model had a waist measurement of 20” so we cut our elastic at 17”.

Step 2

Overlap the edges of your elastic and either zig zag stitch or hot glue them together. It should look like this.

Step 3

Measure the length you want your tutu to be and double it. This will be the length of your tulle strips. We wanted our tutus to be just above the knee. We measured and our model was 10” from hip to knee. So we cut our tulle strips 20” long. The tulle by the roll is already 6” wide so we didn’t have to cut the width, just the length.




Step 4

Wrap your strips of tulle around your elastic following the steps in the pictures.

You can wrap the elastic around your leg or around a piece of sturdy cardboard to hold it in place.


Fold your tulle strip in half and slide the end under the elastic as shown.


Then pull the ends through the loop you have created pulling it tight.


It should look like this when you are finished.

Continue to wrap your tulle pieces in the pattern of your choice. It should start to look like this.


We used 3-4 rolls of tulle per tutu. You can use more or less depending on how fluffly you want it to be.

After our tutu was finished we added embellishments to it. We found some white felt stickers and glued them to the tutu in random places. We also added a big Sparkly Bow on the side. You could add all sorts of things. Be creative! There are no rules!

Here are some examples of things you could do. We added felt spiders to our Spider Girl Tutu and some acrylic gemstones to our Super Girl Tutu.

After our tutu was put together we wanted to complete the costume with a super hero mask!

We found some plain felt masks at the craft store and decided to add a little bling!

 Here are the materials we used:

Felt mask (premade or you could cut out your own)

Felt stars

Glitter Fabric Paint

We used the fine tip on the fabric paint bottle to embellish around the eyes

Then we added a felt star and outlined that in gold glitter paint as well.

The perfect super hero mask!


We paired these costumes with our specialty Super Hero Capes, Super Hero Bows and Lace Leggings.

They are perfect with combat boots!!

The girls had such an amazing time running around and taking pictures in these costumes!


 We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! We would love to see the tutus and costume ideas our customers have so send us your pictures!! Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


June 13, 2014


Get The Elsa and Anna Look With Sparkle In Pink!

Here is a step by step tutorial:

1. First, we want to curl the hair into loose curls before we braid it, that will give it that extra fullness in the braid. Start by parting your hair into 2-3 sections depending on how thick your hair is. Curl the bottom layer by wrapping approximately a 1 inch strand of hair around your curling wand and hold for about 5-10 seconds. Once that layer is done, lightly spray it with hairspray and take down the next layer of hair and repeat until all the hair is curled.

2. Next we want to take the top section of the hair and split it into two sections, we want to backcomb the first section of hair and spray it with hair spray and flip it over, and do the same thing to the second section. Then pull both sections back and lightly smooth over the top with a comb to make sure no rats are showing. The next step is to secure that top section with an elastic. That will give you the extra volume on the top that Elsa has.

3. Now it's time to start the french braid. Start at the top by braiding the section of hair that was pinned up in the elastic and work your braid down. Once you are about half way down, start braiding at an angle to the side of the body you want the braid to fall on. 

4. Once the braid is complete, secure the braid at the end with an elastic. Then we like to pull a few front pieces out around the face and curl them. Once that is done we like to make the hair even fuller by lightly tugging on each side of the braid lightly pulling it apart to give it that extra full look. You can now cut the elastic out of the hair at the top of the braid if you don't want it visible (optional). Now your braid is complete! To finish it off, we like to add some snowflakes and rhinestones throughout the braid. It is beautiful and adds so much to the look!

5. Now that the hair is complete we like to finish off the look by adding some glitter to the side of the face and eyelids. We used a makeup setting spray and loose glitter, or you can get a glitter face gel that is carried at most craft stores. We sprayed our fingers with the makeup setting spray and lightly padded it on the face where we wanted the glitter, then we put the loose glitter on top. That will hold the glitter on and should not irritate the skin. Once that is done we took a few rhinestones and applied those to the sides of the face.

6. Now that the hair and makeup is complete it's time to change into our Elsa dress, gloves, necklace, and tiara that you can purchase here in our store 

Leave us a comment to win your choice of an Elsa or Anna dress! Leave a comment for an entry, pin the picture at the top of the blog featuring "Get the Elsa Look with Sparkle In Pink" for an extra entry, and be sure to comment below to tells us you pinned it! We will announce a winner on July 1st. To purchase all the items featured in this blog click the links at the bottom of the blog.





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Get the snowflake hair twist ins click here!




March 20, 2014


Valentine Sash DIY

Here at SIP we are always looking for new, creative ways to dress up our girls and add a little extra Sparkle to their wardrobe. This Valentine’s we are loving our Denim Dress paired with a creative new sash. It was put together using some of our flowers, embellishments, and some ribbon and lace.

We are in love with this look!! It is the perfect way to add some Valentine flair to an already adorable dress! 

You will need:

Frayed Flowers (we used red chevron, red, and hot pink)

Londyn Flower-light pink

Red Ribbon (enough to tie around the waist)

Hot Pink Lace 

Deluxe Pearl Rhinestone Embellishment

You will also need a hot glue gun and glue. And some felt for backing support. 

We started by gluing our three frayed flowers together like in the picture below. Make sure to put the glue on just the outside edge of the flower (the petals.) Then we added a pearl embellishment to the center. 


We then took the red maribu and wrapped it into a horseshoe shape, gluing the edges to the back of our londyn flower.

We used a piece of round felt to help hold it in place. 


Then we glued those two pieces together. 


Next we tied the Hot Pink Lace into a cute bow and looped it through the center of the maribu, adding some more hot glue to keep it in place.


Finally, we glued the entire thing to our Red Satin Ribbon and we're finished!!


It's that simple. We just love how easy this was to put together and we had so much fun making it! This sash could be used to dress up so many different different rompers and dresses. 

There are so many different color and flower possibilities with this sash and we invite you to try it out and send us your ideas!