Guide to Black Friday


How do I claim free products?

1. Fill your shopping bag to get to the tier you desire.

2. Add free products of your choice to your shopping bag

3. Check out!  The free products will automatically change to free with qualifying shopping bag, no code required!

Please note, if you do not add free products to your shopping bag prior to checking out, you will not receive them in your order.

Free product offer cannot be combined with any other discounts, including Sparkle Bucks!

If free products are not showing as free in your shopping bag, it means your order does not qualify for that tier.

If you complete a purchase and the product isn't showing as free, your bag did not qualify. You will still receive the product, but you will be paying full price.

I want a discount instead!

Not to worry!  We are offering 25% OFF sitewide for all orders that do not contain any free products.  

Use code BF25 at checkout to receive discount.

25% OFF cannot be combined with free product offer or Sparkle Bucks.

Why isn't the free product changing to free?!

If any free products do not change to free automatically, your shopping bag does not yet qualify for that tier.

The most common reason is that your shopping bag does not have enough normal products.  The value of the free products do not count toward reaching any given tier.

For example, if you're trying to claim a free mystery dress, the mystery dress costs $16.99 without a qualifying purchase.  If your shopping bag is at $47 and the dress hasn't changed to free, it is because the value of the normal product would only be valued at $30 since $47 minus the $17 free dress is only $30, which is below the spend threshold.  In this situation, you need to get your bag to $62 and dress will change to free, since $62 minus the $17 dress = $45, which is high enough to qualify.

If you check out, and the product is not showing as free in your shopping bag, it means your bag did not qualify.  You will still receive the product, but you will be paying full price for the item.

If you are still having issues, or have further questions, our 5-star support team is on standby to assist with any questions you may have, use the live chat button in the bottom right of your screen!

How does the Deal Pyramid work?

The Deal Pyramid shows what free products you get at each spend level.  

Orders $0.01+ qualify for a free mystery bow

Orders $45+ qualify for a free mystery dress

Orders $65+ qualify for 1 premium products

Orders $99+ qualify for 2 premium products

Orders $125+ qualify for 3 premium products

Premium product tiers also qualify for the free mystery bow and mystery dress.

Premium products are:

"Be Kind" Rainbow Legging Set

"Be Kind" Rainbow Denim Jacket

Rainbow Glitter Combat Boots

Can I claim multiple of the same premium products?

Yes!  For example, if your order qualifies for 2 premium products, you can claim two of the same premium items.  

If you reached the top tier, and still want additional mystery or premium products, you can purchase them at full price like any other item, or place another qualifying order to receive more free products.

Promotion will run from Friday, November 24th, 2023 at 12:00am MST, and ends Sunday, November 26th, 2023 at 11:59pm MST or while supplies last.  Deal cannot be applied to orders placed before promotion period began.

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Happy Black Friday shopping! 

‚̧ The SIP Team