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Get The Elsa and Anna Look With Sparkle In Pink!

June 13, 2014 3 Comments

Here is a step by step tutorial:

1. First, we want to curl the hair into loose curls before we braid it, that will give it that extra fullness in the braid. Start by parting your hair into 2-3 sections depending on how thick your hair is. Curl the bottom layer by wrapping approximately a 1 inch strand of hair around your curling wand and hold for about 5-10 seconds. Once that layer is done, lightly spray it with hairspray and take down the next layer of hair and repeat until all the hair is curled.

2. Next we want to take the top section of the hair and split it into two sections, we want to backcomb the first section of hair and spray it with hair spray and flip it over, and do the same thing to the second section. Then pull both sections back and lightly smooth over the top with a comb to make sure no rats are showing. The next step is to secure that top section with an elastic. That will give you the extra volume on the top that Elsa has.

3. Now it's time to start the french braid. Start at the top by braiding the section of hair that was pinned up in the elastic and work your braid down. Once you are about half way down, start braiding at an angle to the side of the body you want the braid to fall on. 

4. Once the braid is complete, secure the braid at the end with an elastic. Then we like to pull a few front pieces out around the face and curl them. Once that is done we like to make the hair even fuller by lightly tugging on each side of the braid lightly pulling it apart to give it that extra full look. You can now cut the elastic out of the hair at the top of the braid if you don't want it visible (optional). Now your braid is complete! To finish it off, we like to add some snowflakes and rhinestones throughout the braid. It is beautiful and adds so much to the look!

5. Now that the hair is complete we like to finish off the look by adding some glitter to the side of the face and eyelids. We used a makeup setting spray and loose glitter, or you can get a glitter face gel that is carried at most craft stores. We sprayed our fingers with the makeup setting spray and lightly padded it on the face where we wanted the glitter, then we put the loose glitter on top. That will hold the glitter on and should not irritate the skin. Once that is done we took a few rhinestones and applied those to the sides of the face.

6. Now that the hair and makeup is complete it's time to change into our Elsa dress, gloves, necklace, and tiara that you can purchase here in our store www.sparkleinpink.com. 

Leave us a comment to win your choice of an Elsa or Anna dress! Leave a comment for an entry, pin the picture at the top of the blog featuring "Get the Elsa Look with Sparkle In Pink" for an extra entry, and be sure to comment below to tells us you pinned it! We will announce a winner on July 1st. To purchase all the items featured in this blog click the links at the bottom of the blog.





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3 Responses

Jessica Barrera
Jessica Barrera

June 25, 2014

Love the snowflakes in the hair idea.

Denise Grover
Denise Grover

June 17, 2014

This is beautiful though I think the rhinestones are a little much. I’m sure it would look perfect with just the glitter. I was very pleased with how you did the braid though. Will have to try it.

Stephanie rice
Stephanie rice

June 16, 2014

Thanks! This is so cute and helpful!

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