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Valentine Sash DIY

March 20, 2014

Here at SIP we are always looking for new, creative ways to dress up our girls and add a little extra Sparkle to their wardrobe. This Valentine’s we are loving our Denim Dress paired with a creative new sash. It was put together using some of our flowers, embellishments, and some ribbon and lace.

We are in love with this look!! It is the perfect way to add some Valentine flair to an already adorable dress! 

You will need:

Frayed Flowers (we used red chevron, red, and hot pink)

Londyn Flower-light pink

Red Ribbon (enough to tie around the waist)

Hot Pink Lace 

Deluxe Pearl Rhinestone Embellishment

You will also need a hot glue gun and glue. And some felt for backing support. 

We started by gluing our three frayed flowers together like in the picture below. Make sure to put the glue on just the outside edge of the flower (the petals.) Then we added a pearl embellishment to the center. 


We then took the red maribu and wrapped it into a horseshoe shape, gluing the edges to the back of our londyn flower.

We used a piece of round felt to help hold it in place. 


Then we glued those two pieces together. 


Next we tied the Hot Pink Lace into a cute bow and looped it through the center of the maribu, adding some more hot glue to keep it in place.


Finally, we glued the entire thing to our Red Satin Ribbon and we're finished!!


It's that simple. We just love how easy this was to put together and we had so much fun making it! This sash could be used to dress up so many different different rompers and dresses. 

There are so many different color and flower possibilities with this sash and we invite you to try it out and send us your ideas!  


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